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Exercise Half Ball: What Is It and Why You...

exercise half ball

Just What Is That Exercise Half Ball? If you have wondered what the heck is that exercise half ball at your gym and how you can benefit from it, then I hope this post can help. It is called the BOSU ball and was created by David Weck in 2000. Simply put, it is a […]

Stop Eating These 5 Diet Destroyers Now

stop eating

5 Things You Should Stop Eating For Weight Loss Choosing to eat healthy is a great step to living healthy but what you may not know is that there may be some so called healthy foods that you must stop eating to get results. Go up and down the isles in the supermarket and you […]

Want a Flat Stomach? 5 Mistakes That Will ...

flat stomach

Flat Stomach Mistakes To Avoid The desire to want a flat stomach may sometimes have you overlooking some crucial mistakes that can eventually crush your goals of getting a flatter stomach. All the hard work you are putting in in your ab workout routine will be for not if you are not putting in a […]

Cutting Out Sugar: 10 Reasons You Need To ...

cutting out sugar

Cutting Out Sugar: 10 Reasons Why You Must Just a few years ago, the talk was cutting back on using salt. Then, sugar became the focus and we were told that cutting out sugar was important because it caused obesity, type-2 diabetes, and many other health problems. Here we are in 2016, the more we […]

Weak Core Muscles? 5 Signs You Need To Str...

core muscles

Do You Have Weak Core Muscles? When it comes to neglected body parts, the core muscles are at the top of the list as having large biceps or tone legs seem to be the focus to look more attractive. The core muscles, which are some of the most functional and important muscles we have, play […]

Are Energy Drinks Bad For Your Health?

are energy drinks bad

Are Energy Drinks Bad For You? Over the past few years the number of companies that have entered the “energy drink” market has skyrocketed but are energy drinks bad for you? These drinks seem to be all the rage, especially with the younger crowd, as they have outrageous claims of unlimited energy that will have […]

Are You Missing Out On The Benefits of Spi...

Are You Missing Out On The Benefits of Spinning?

The Benefits of Spinning Spinning classes have become one of the most popular classes around, so if you haven’t tried one yet then it is time for you to start getting the benefits of spinning. Even if you do just one spinning workout a week you can still improve your cardiovascular fitness as well as […]

Breville Compact Juicer: Breville BJE200 X...

breville compact juicer

Breville Compact Juicer Review The Breville BJE200 XL is a heavy duty and compact juice fountain with a centered knife blade assembly. The Breville bje200 will make for a beautiful, high quality addition to your kitchen and just might be that piece of hardware that can have you enjoying healthier times in your kitchen. This […]


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