What Are Some Common Diet Mistakes and Are You Making Them?

What Are Some Common Diet Mistakes

what are common diet mistakesHealthy eating is an important factor in our lives and knowing just what are some common diet mistakes could be all that is needed for a healthier diet. A healthy, nutritional diet is about 50% of what you do and 50% of what you don’t do. What that means is it that it is just not enough to cook healthy. It is just as important to make it a point to take in unhealthy calories.

This may be the hardest part for someone looking to get healthier. You may eventually get better at understanding hidden calories only to find that you still may not be seeing the results you have hoped for.

In todays world it is getting harder and harder to eat healthy. This journey will take some time but will be so worth it.

Healthier eating should be made a lifestyle and not just a fad. So let’s start at first understanding just what are some common diet mistakes to avoid making.

Drinking Soda and Other Sugary Drinks

When we are talking about what are some common diet mistakes, let’s talk about one of the main culprits. When you are watching your calorie intake it is important to not forget about what you are drinking also. This is a common mistake, seeing as some drinks have a ton of sugar and a lot of calories.

Soda, fruit juices, and energy drinks being some of the worse. Drinking such things as soda or energy drinks on a regular basis can potentially add hundreds of unwanted calories to your diet. Weight loss? that won’t happen if you are consuming those types of drinks.

There are other culprits such as creamy coffees like cappuccino’s and latte’s and having teas with loads of added sugar.

Not Eating Enough

Yes this may sound counterintuitive but not eating enough can also be a big mistake to your healthier living lifestyle. The fact is when trying to eat healthier or trying to lose weight, many will go to the extreme of taking in as little calories as possible. Add in exercising and you will end up with not enough energy to perform at your best.

Also, having a restriction of calories can have you not getting enough nutrients into your body, this is a big diet mistake!

Lack of Sleep

You may be saying I thought this post was suppose to be about “What Are Some Common Diet Mistakes” so what does sleep have to do with it? Sleep may not be directly related to diet but it does have an impact.

When it comes to losing weight, you actually burn calories while you are sleeping. Your body also produces growth hormones, testosterone, and other anabolic hormones that aid in weight loss.

Also, being tired and not sleeping enough can actually increase your appetite and the need to eat more. Studies continue to show the correlation between weight gain and not getting enough sleep.

Having an Extreme Cheat Day

It is always a good thing to avoid the constant healthier way of eating and the adaptation your body can have to these calories by having a day to cheat a little.

This is a good idea to enjoy once in a while the things you may enjoy but stopped eating. This however is not a free pass to ruin your healthier lifestyle in one day by taking in enormous amounts of calories.


I hope this post has answered some questions about just what are some common diet mistakes to avoid to make your path to a healthier you a little easier to understand.

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