Weight Loss Mindset: The Mental Side Of Weight Loss Success

Having A Weight Loss Mindset For Weight Loss Success

weight-loss-mindsetIs it really true that having a positive weight loss mindset can be the big difference in achieving your goals or not? If you doubt the power of the mind, just watch a master hypnotist in action and see how susceptible the mind is to suggestion. When you see grown men singing nursery rhymes and dancing, there is no doubt that it just may be possible to drop some pounds through the use of a hypnotist. Maybe a hypnotist can really plant subconscious suggestions to help you avoid the eating of certain foods that are bad for you or make you try harder to go and workout.

But weight loss through hypnotherapy may be looked at as unbelievable for many people.The truth is, people are just as likely to make an appointment with a hypnotherapist as they are to make the admission to having a problem with drinking. In both cases it usually is just easier to deny having a problem than it is to take action to do something about it.

The good news is that you really don’t need to make an appointment with a hypnotherapist to achieve a weight loss mindset that will bring you results. It is possible for you to do this on your own, without the use of self-hypnosis either.

Carolyn Hansen has created an ebook called The Weight Loss Motivation Bible. She is in belief that most people fail in losing weight because they are unable to keep up the level of motivation that is needed to stick to what needs to be done for results. Before anyone begins an exercise routine, or starts a new healthier eating plan, it is the MIND that must first changed.

We all have a system of beliefs that we use daily to figure out what needs to get done. Some of these beliefs are transparent to us though. We may believe that not eating as much of a certain food will help with losing weight. Eating less of something that is bad for you doesn’t necessarily give you the green light to continue to eat it. It’s hard at times to turn away from foods you have loved for so long. Of course this is usually true for the stuff that is really bad for you but you love the taste so much.

It’s these secondary beliefs and thoughts, usually the ones that stop you from doing the right thing, that Carolyn is really interested in. In order to stay on track in keeping a healthy weight loss mindset, you need to identify what these thought and beliefs are that will halt you from getting results.

Anyone can use the techniques that Carolyn will show you. There is no self-hypnosis involved. Instead, your weight loss mindset is worked on using powerful mind control methods of self-persuasion. This is the part of you that decides how you will respond to the weight loss challenge. You can change your body weight when you change your weight loss mindset. This is what is taught to you in The Weight Loss Motivation Bible


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