Weak Core Muscles? 5 Signs You Need To Strengthen Your Core

Do You Have Weak Core Muscles?

weak core musclesThis article will take a look at 5 signs that you may have weak core muscles and why you should take the necessary steps to strengthen your core. When it comes to neglected body parts, the core muscles are at the top of the list as having large biceps or tone legs seem to be the focus to look more attractive.

The core muscles, which are some of the most functional and important muscles we have, play a major role in how we perform and stay safe during everyday activities. The core is not just the abdominal muscles as it also includes the lower back, obliques, and pelvis.

If you are showing any of the signs below , then you may have a weak core.

You Have Poor Posture

Hunching over when standing, slumping over when sitting, and slouching when walking, are all signs of weak core muscles. The core muscles wrap around the abdomen and play an important role in preventing your body from toppling over as they help keep your back in the correct alignment. If you attempt to keep your back straight but after a few minutes start feeling fatigued doing so, this can mean the muscles of the core just aren’t strong enough to keep your body supported.

Pain In The Lower Back

While lower back pain doesn’t always mean it is from weak core muscles, it can be one of the symptoms associated with it. This lower back pain can occur when performing exercise with poor form or just from regular activities not being done correctly.

A great example of poor form is the sit-ups as many people use their back and hip flexors to do the exercise rather than their stomach muscles which can cause unnecessary pain and stress. When you are not able to count on your core muscles for power, you are putting the rest of your body at risk.

Poor Balance

As stated before, the muscles of the core helps maintain posture, and it is also responsible for keeping you balanced during movement. Many people who have weak core muscles will display a difficulty in balance in such activities as walking long distances or standing for a prolonged time.

The main reason for this is that the core muscles will fatigue quickly and are not capable of keeping the lower and upper body working in unison. Having a strong core gives you the ability to have control over your legs and arms when you move, which will give you a boost to your stamina and give you the ability to stay stable.

Unable To Bend

The core muscles are activated when you bend over, this includes contracting your ab muscles so you can shift your equilibrium which prevents you from falling completely over. A core that is weak makes this movement extremely difficult, resulting usually in a short period of quivering or pains in the abdomen. Having little core strength also makes it a lot harder to return upright after you were bending over.

The movement of standing back up involves your oblique and lower back muscles to help pull you up, along with the abs to stabilize you again. If you find yourself able to bend but just can’t return to the standing position without extreme exertion or discomfort, then you probably have a weak core.

Complications When Running

Just about every type of exercise has your core muscles involved in some way, this all leads to different signs of a weak core. Running is a type of exercise that a weak core will effect performance because of your positioning and posture.

Having weak core muscles makes it hard to keep your shoulders and head up, which leads to hunching forward when running.

In time, this will lead to start to lose your form over time. If you find when running that after a few minutes you start losing control of your legs and going slower this could be from a weak core.


The good news about having weak core muscles is that it can be fixed. A simple exercise routine which targets your core muscles can have major improvements in your fitness regimen and in everyday life activities. Be consistent and watch the results.

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Weak Core Muscles? 5 Signs You Need To Strengthen It
Article Name
Weak Core Muscles? 5 Signs You Need To Strengthen It
Understand the importance of your core muscles and identify these 5 signs of having a weak core and why you need to strengthen it.
Exercise and Nutrition Tips
Exercise and Nutrition Tips
Exercise and Nutrition Tips

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