Using Aromatherapy For Better Health and Wellness: Is It a Myth?

Using Aromatherapy For Better Health and Wellness

using aromatherapy Do you believe in using aromatherapy for better health and wellness? In today’s world, there are many approaches to obtaining better health and wellness, and the use of aromatherapy is one of them. This method of holistic treatment can be traced all the way back to the early days in the countries of the Far East, China, and ancient Europe. The idea of aromatherapy is to treat the body with a holistic approach by using essential oils from various plants and herbs.

To obtain these oils, there is a specific process of extraction by distillation from several different parts of specific plants. and combined with diluters such as almiond oil, coconut oil, or others. It will often take a large amount of plant parts to create these oils. The reason for this is because the oil content in most of these plants is extremely low, so it takes a large amount of the plant to yield smaller amounts of essential oil. Here is a good example of this. It takes 440 pounds of fresh lavender flowers to produce just 2.5 pounds of essential lavender oil.

These oils, for many years, have been very popular in different regions of the world. The aromatic plants that are used to make up these essential oils have always been well known. It wasn’t until the early 90’s that the term “aromatherapy” gave these oils an identification of use.

The use of these plants can alter the atmosphere, present a feeling of goodness, and even change one’s mood.

It is true that some artificial scents can also do what the natural scents of these plants can do. However, the small difference is within the natural fragrance of essential oils that will give us a wonderful feeling naturally.

Aroma Therapy and the Medical World

Some people have claimed that essential oils can cure certain diseases or help with some ailments. These claims have yet to be supported by any scientific evidence, but that doesn’t mean it may not help you. Because of the lack of scientific proof, many natural health experts will only consider using aromatherapy as a complimentary therapy only.

Aromatherapy is considered conventional medicine so there is no research or study that will lead to any certification or standardization. This type of herbal science can be used in such things as enhancing the beauty of the skin and hair, and also in influencing one’s feelings and mood.

Also, there are many people who believe its medicinal properties may help with their ailments. The wholesome benefit for the mind, body, and the spirit, is a great use of this therapy.


So, is aromatherapy a myth or not? I guess since it has been around for years and years, there must be some leverage to having some effect.

The jury may still be out whether it works or not but I am a firm believer in forming your own opinion over anything else. It is amazing what can happen when you truly believe in something.

If you use aromatherapy and feel great doing it, why should anything tell you any different.

What do you think? Have you been using aromatherapy for better health and feel better doing so?

Feel free to leave a comment and thanks for reading!



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