Tracker Reviews: An Afffordable Option – The Luxsure Smart Watch

Tracker Reviews: The Luxsure Smart Watch

If you are looking for an affordable sports fitness tracker, this tracker reviews post of the Luxsure Smart Watch, may just be what you are looking for. tracker reviewsWhen it comes to fitness trackers, the big brands like Garmin and Fitbit are dominating the market. What many are not realizing is there are more and more cost available options that are just as capable emerging. The use of wearable tech not only can monitor step count, physical activity, sleep patterns, and monitor heart rate, but can also report the data to the users tablet, smart phone, or other device. Tracker Reviews: Luxsure Smart Watch Features Although marketed as a more affordable smart watch against the expensive brands, it is packed with features and still priced under sixty-dollars. Standard features Well, after all it is a watch, so it will display time, date, and have an alarm. It also has a nice feature with the alarm as it can be set to vibrate, so not to disturb anyone else around.. Build quality The quality of the watch is good as it is made from aluminum with an aircraft grade and non slip, soft feel strap. It also displays a 1.9 inch OLED touch screen. The sensitivity of the touch screen is good. It also is waterproof to a standard of IP67. The sleek design features a display that is large and well that sits comfortably on the wrist. Heart rate monitor The Luxsure Smart Watch will display a current heart rate that is in real time. This makes it ideal for use during an exercise routine to make sure you know what heart-rate zone you are in. It can also can display your health during different events such as walking, climbing stairs, at rest and so forth. A warning of a high or low heart rate can be set to alert you if either boundary that is set is crossed. Sleep monitor There are many great apps that are available for most smart phones and other devices that can monitor your sleep, display quality of sleep, and gently wake you at the right time. The problem is, these apps only work with the mobile device being on the bed, listening to breathing patterns and monitoring movement. This is not always an ideal situation as the device can fall, the microphone may get covered, or the data may get distorted by another individual in the bed. Fortunately, there is a sleep monitoring feature with theLuxsure smart watch that can report this data directly to your smart device. The data is more accurate since the smart watch is always on your wrist. Compatibility The smart watch is compatible with most cellphones or devices running IOS (9.0 and above) or Android (4.3 and above). Tracker Reviews: Other Extra Features
  • Pedometer: Tracks running and movement distance and steps taken
  • Bluetooth 4.0: 10m range to wireless pair with many devices
  • Notifications for phone calls and messages when not able to receive them
  • 15 day standby: This of course is with the least amount of use but of course with constant use you will have to charge before 15 days. The battery life is still a respectable one
  • Display: battery life, time, date, heart rate, and step count simultaneously
  • 24 hours historical records to compare data
  • Sync other apps – Notifications from WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, and Twitter
Tracker Reviews: Final Thoughts of the Luxsure Smart Watch Although not as well known as the big brands, the Luxsure smart watch is a high quality item with many of the features of more expensive models, but at an affordable price. With all the great features it has, the Luxsure smart watch is a recommended purchase.
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