Stressed Out? 7 Negative Ways Stress Can Effect Your Health

Feeling Stressed Out?

stressed out We all get stressed from time to time but being stressed out can have some serious impacts on your overall health.

Stress can’t really be measured or diagnosed so often is overlooked.

In many cases, being stressed out will go unnoticed because it is untraceable. People can be dealing with an overload of stress and not really realize it.

Here are some signs you may be under too much stress:

Aches and Pains That Are Unexplained

Having a small amount of pain is often associated with everyday life, but it may be time to address it if it is happenning often. Aches and pain can happen when you are overly stressed.

Stress can sometimes form muscular pain most commonly around the neck, shoulder, or back areas. Taking medication should only be a temporary resolution and should not be used for the long term.

Frequent Infections And Colds

A major health issue stress can cause is the negative impact on our immune system. Stress will raise cortisol levels which causes the immune system to supresses and makes us more susceptible to infection. This is can be a big issue during flu season so it is important to take precautions to remain healthy.

Disturbed Sleep Patterns

Being over-stressed often can cause you to have a difficult time getting good sleep. The fact is, being strressed will enhance the neurochemicals noradrenalin and adrenalin. This can cause a spike in energy and awareness levels.

This can become a major pronblem when it is time to fall asleep. The consumption of supplements that are stimulant based can cause this to occur also.

Rising Blood Pressure

Having high stress levels can cause you to have high blood pressure. An increase in blood pressure can lead to such thinks as a faster heart rate, blood vessel constriction and increased water retention. This eventually can lead to a life-threating heart attck to happen.

Lack Of Sex Drive

Women and men both need normal levels of testoterone to modulate sex drive. When the stress hormone cortisol is high, testosterone is often supressed. Testosterone and cortisol share a negative relationship because when one goes up, the other one will go down. A sure indicator of being stressed would be if someone, who previously had normal behavior, suddenly loses their sex drive.

Mood Swings Or Easily Angered

It can be very easy to get irritated when you are stressed which may cause you lash out at others. If a person never showed this type of behaviour before, it could be stressed related. If this does happen, steps must be taken to reduce stress and try to relax somewhat.


Stress can have a serious effect on your well-being, especially when it starts to tear apart relationships. When you are stressed, you are more likely to pick fights, be irritable, or just feel constant pressure. This can lead to anxiety, depression, or feelings of disappointment. Depression is often very difficult diagnose, especially when there is not a strong support system.


If you feel stressed out and find that you are experiencing some of these symptoms often, it is time to try and take a step back. It is important to do something you love, go for a walk, or take a short trip, to help regain your well-being.

Here is a great video I found about how being stressed out effects our health.

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Stressed Out? 7 Negative Ways Stress Can Effect Your Health
Article Name
Stressed Out? 7 Negative Ways Stress Can Effect Your Health
We all can get stressed from time to time but being stressed out can have some serious impacts on your overall health and well-being.
Exercise and Nutrition Tips
Exercise and Nutrition Tips
Exercise and Nutrition Tips

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