Stop Eating These 5 Diet Destroyers Now

5 Things You Should Stop Eating For Weight Loss

stop eatingChoosing to eat healthy is a great step to living healthy but what you may not know is that there may be some so called healthy foods that you must stop eating to get results. Go up and down the isles in the supermarket and you will find so called healthy alternatives such as no fat, reduced fat, low fat, all which are marketing strategies to help you buy their products. The truth is that often these labels aren’t always giving you the big picture of what their product is really is. Here are just a few ways you could be ruining your weight loss program and why you need to stop eating these foods now.

Healthier Junk Food?

Whether it be crackers, chips, or even salads at fast food joints, there is a big push to market these things as healthier options. The problem is most of what you are seeing is just a marketing ploy. Some of these “healthier” snacks that are labeled as no fat or low fat, often contain hidden sugars that are high in calories. True one low fat cookie may just be 50 calories but how many people just stick to eating one cookie.

To really know what you are eating, pay close attention to the serving sizes and careful read the food labels. Just keep in mind that no matter how healthy these snack foods claim to be, your goal is to be healthier, so just stop eating them.

Diet Drinks

This could be one of the biggest culprits to sabotaging your weight loss efforts as the claim for zero calories or adding the word diet to soda has many believing this to be a healthier choice. These diet drinks are loaded with artificial sweeteners that can actually trigger a craving for sweets and have you wanting to eat more. An actual healthy alternative would be to add orange or lemon slices to water to give yourself a sweet healthy drink.

Salad Dressing

This one is really just a matter of how bad do you really want to reach your weight loss goals. Salad can be very good for you but the problem is many people just need to have a dressing on it so they choose a low fat salad dressing thinking it is still healthy. However, just like I discussed with the snacks. low fat and low calorie salad dressing may be loaded with extra sugar to help give it flavor. Better options would be vinaigrettes that are made from olive oil or even find a way to make your own to make sure you know what is going on your salad. Once again, if you do decide to buy a salad dressing just make sure to read the nutrition label carefully.

Refined Grains Foods

Your weight loss goals will most certainly be hampered if you take in foods made of refined grains. These weight loss destroyers include white rice, white pasta, white bread, and all-purpose flours. The lack of key nutrients and lack of fiber has these foods with little to no nutritional value. Stop eating them now.



Why stop eating something with veggies, fruit and ice? The problem is buying them from their local shop or buying the pre-packaged ones aren’t the best options. These smoothies can often contain high amounts of extras like chocolate, syrups, and sugary yogurts. These healthy drinks can easily go from a healthy weight loss drink to a calorie filled drink that is just as bad as a milkshake. The best thing to do is get yourself a [easyazon_link identifier=”B003XU3C7M” locale=”US” tag=”exerandnutrti-20″]blender[/easyazon_link] and make up your own healthy smoothie with ingredients that you buy yourself so you know what you are drinking.


I hope that if you are struggling with losing weight, this post can be of some help to you. The important thing is to not give up and to stop eating these foods today to help improve your chances of getting the weight loss results you have wanted.

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