Protein Shake Ideas You Can Make Without A Blender

No Blender Needed Protein Shake Ideas

protein shake ideas¬†Here are some awesome protein shake ideas that will satisfy your cravings and you don’t even have to dirty your blender. These protein shake ideas can be made with a shaker bottle or just by stirring them up, so there is no need to get out the good old blender.

Peanut Butter Protein Shake

This great option that is high in protein has no need for a blender as there is no nuts, fruits or veggies here that usually take a blender to mix them up properly. This peanut butter protein shake will start by using the milk of your choice. You can then add peanut butter flavored protein powder or actual peanut butter. The final ingredients will include yogurt and a few drops of vanilla extract. Shake or stir up these ingredients for a high quality protein shake.

Pumpkin Protein Shake

The second blender-less shake you can make will be for those who love pumpkin. The reason this will not need a blender is because you will be using pumpkin puree. This is a super soft ingredient that mixes easy with other ingredients. You can make the puree yourself or you can buy it from a store. It is important to use the pure puree here and no pumpkin pie filling. Start with the milk of your choice, vanilla protein powder, some maple syrup, and a small amount of pumpkin pie spice.

Simple Oats Protein Shake 

Yes, you can make a protein shake with oats and not use a blender. The oats will soak into the other ingredients that will be added. The trick to doing this is to not add in too many ingredients that will cause the oats to clump. It is also good not to use any type of nut butter in this shake. Instead, all you need to make this shake is protein powder, the dry oats, and a small amount of water to help with the blending of maple syrup.

The Autumn Protein Shake

This protein shake idea is going to be using cranberry sauce. This can give you a fruit-flavored protein shake without the need of using a blender to mix up the fruits. Instead of fruits, cranberry sauce will be the alternative. If you can make the cranberry sauce yourself without nothing added, that would be a healthier option than buying a canned sauce that may be high in sugar. If you are not able to make it yourself, try to get the no sugar added brand. The other ingredients for this shake will include the milk of your choice, and some vanilla protein powder. Adding in a dash of cinnamon can also make for a great addition to this particular protein shake recipe.

Final Thoughts

I hope these protein shake ideas will help satisfy your cravings the next time you are looking to make a quality protein shake without having to use your blender.

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