Plant Based Cookbook: Forks Over Knives Review

The Forks Over Knives Plant Based Cookbook Review

plant based cookbookIf you have been looking to change your diet and get healthier, the “Forks Over Knives” plant based cookbook maybe just what you need. Many people have become interested in more of a plant based diet so I decided to do a review of one of the top cookbooks on the subject.

About The Forks Over Knives Cookbook

First, as a disclaimer, this review is for informational purposes only and you should consult your physician before trying any diet or program. That being said, inside the cookbook you will find over 300 recipes on plant based eating. In fact, there are enough recipes in the cookbook to eat something different for the entire year if you really wanted to.

The main thing about plant based eating is you will be getting all your protein from sources other than meat. This is something many people have become interested in because it leaves out many of the synthetic and processed foods which are in today’s diet. True, protein from meat is a good way to build muscles, but it is also higher in fat. Although fat is needed in our diets, it does have 9 calories per gram compared to 4 calories per gram contained in other food groups.

When your diet is more plant based, you will immediately eliminate a lot of calories, this in turn can lead to weight loss. There are also other benefits to having a plant based diet. Of course when you eat a plant based diet you will be getting all the vitamins and minerals your body needs to help keep you healthy.

Other Benefits Of A Plant Based Diet

Are you aware that eating more vitamin B6 can help improve your mood by increasing serotonin in your brain. Did you know that consuming enough magnesium and zinc can help to produce more testosterone to help you burn fat? It is crucial that our bodies get this stuff and with today’s lifestyle, many do not.

But wait, there’s even more! Consuming a diet that is plant based is also faster to prepare because there isn’t a need to do a lot of cooking. Also, there is no threat of getting salmonella from this kind of diet and in the long run it ends up being cheaper.

What this all means is is that this plant based [easyazon_link identifier=”1615190619″ locale=”US” tag=”exerandnutrti-20″]cookbook[/easyazon_link]┬áis going to help you eat cleaner and healthier and help you actually stick to a diet when you start to feel better. With all the nutrients and fiber you will need you should start to see the pounds come off. If you are a meat eater, I am not saying to completely eliminate meat but just start by cutting back and see how it goes.

Final Thoughts

While this book is an awesome way to get lots of healthy plant based recipes, I feel for any diet to really work, especially if you are not one to give up meat, you should not completely give up meat. Going all out on any diet is usually a recipe for failure, so it is best to slowly incorporate these recipes into your diet. You may surprise yourself and find you can live with less meat.

The plant based cookbook “Forks Over Knives” should be in everyone’s kitchen. The instruction are clear and if you still are on the fence about a plant based diet, try a few recipes, I am sure you will be adding them to your diet.


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