Plank Exercises: How The Plank Exercise Can Change Your Body

The Benefits Of Doing Plank Exercises

Plank Exercise If you are not doing plank exercises in your fitness routine, you are missing out on one of the best ways to improve your core conditioning.

With all the complex exercise routines that are out there, it can be tough to find one that isn’t time consuming, uses equipment, or isn’t too complicated. Ideally, it is important to do exercises that will focus on improving your aesthetics and performance goals.

When it comes to exercises that are beneficial to you, the plank exercise is one of the best. They are an efficient and effective total body exercise that can be done almost anywhere. Also, the plank can have a great impact on your body no matter how fit you are.

Doing the plank exercise is often looked at as an ab exercise only. True, it will impact your abs, but it will also work other muscles. When you do a plank correctly, it will have tension throughout your whole body, thus using more than just your core. All the major core muscles are engaged with a plank which will give you better overall core conditioning.

Here is a list of the most important muscle groups that you will engage by doing planks and how it can improve your functioning:

Transverse Abdominis

This muscle group will be responsible for helping you with the lifting of weight.

Oblique Muscles

This muscle group is responsible for side-bending and for stable waist-twisting.

Rectus Adbominis

This is the muscle group that will give the appearance of having a six-pack. On top of that, it can help improve such things as jumping.


This muscle group will support your back and give you a well-shaped, strong, backside.

Here Are Some Of The Main Benefits From Doing Planks:

The plank is a great exercise that will help prevent injury to your back by strengthening the area without having to put a lot of pressure on your spine or hips.

The American Council on Exercise states that doing plank exercises not only strengthens your entire back, but also can lead to a reduction in back pain.

You may also notice that you have an improvement to your posture from doing this exercise. This is extremely important, since many people sit all day and end up with poor posture.

The plank strengthens the abdomen which can have an effect on the condition of your neck, shoulders, back, and chest.

The plank may also boost your metabolism. This exercise uses many muscle groups to perform so you will be burning calories, even at rest. This may also mean that doing planks can be a much more effective exercise for weight loss compared to such exercises as sit-ups or crunches.

The plank can be effective in increasing your flexibility as this exercise stretches all of your posterior muscle groups.

You will experience a reduction in stress and tension. This is because the plank exercise will stretch out muscle groups that are involved with stress and tension in your body, have an effect on your nerves, and can improve your mood. If you sit all day you will find a build up of tension in your muscles. However, doing planks is a great way to relieve those tensed muscles.


If you are not doing planks in your exercise routine, now is a great time to start. The great thing about doing planks is it is not time consuming and can be done just about anywhere. Click here if you would like a video demonstration on planks and other core exercises.


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