Metabolism Boosting Foods: 5 Foods You May Not Know About

Metabolism Boosting Foods You May Not Know

metabolism boosting foodsIf you are looking to burn more calories and increase your metabolism, consuming these metabolism boosting foods might give you the help you have been searching for. Eating the wrong types of food on a daily basis can limit the number of calories you burn by slowing down your metabolism. On the other hand, the proper foods can jump start your metabolism which in turn can have you burning more calories through the day. In this post I am going to list five great metabolism boosting foods you should try.

1) Broccoli 

Broccoli is an nutritional super food with so many benefits like getting extra fiber, calcium, and vitamin C, into your diet. It contains numerous nutrients that will help boost your immune system and keep your immune system strong. Broccoli can be a great source of energy, is low in fat, and high in protein. The high fiber content of broccoli can also support heart health, lower bad cholesterol, and keep you feeling full.

2) Chili Peppers

Chili peppers are great because of their metabolism boosting properties that will temporarily increase the calories burning process in two ways: First, chili peppers will raise your body’s temperature with their hot and spicy nature which can cause your body to use extra calories to try and regulate this temperature change. Second, chili peppers can increase the amount of fat you burn after you eat them making them one of the better metabolism boosting foods.

3) Flaxseeds

Flaxseeds have become a very popular for improving your health. They contain protein and fiber which are both know to rev up your metabolism because it takes extra calories for your body to burn to digest them. Flaxseeds also contain the important healthy fats which keep your body running at an optimal metabolic rate.

4) Salmon

Salmon is probably the most unknown of the  metabolism boosting foods as it contains a large amount of protein in each serving. Salmon also contains high levels of the healthy fats our bodies desperately need along with numerous vitamins and minerals that will help keep your metabolism at an optimal level and ensure that you are burning the maximum number of calories possible each day.

5) Soybeans

If your preference for getting your protein is from vegetables, soybeans are an excellent way to meet your needs and keep your metabolism running high. With just a single cup serving of soybeans you are provided with 29g of protein and also 10g of fiber, both which have your body burning more calories during digestion. Soybeans are also rich in a lot of other essential nutrients, many which are contribute to having an optimal metabolism.


If you are looking to add some metabolism boosting foods to your diet, these five foods above will be a great way to give your metabolism a boost. Watch the video I provided for additional foods that boost metabolism.

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