Metabolism Boosting Exercise Tips: 5 Tips For Better Results

5 Metabolism Boosting Exercise Tips

metabolism boosting exercise tips If you are looking to maximize the amount of calories you burn each day, these 5 metabolism boosting exercise tips can help you do that. When is comes to trying to boost your metabolism, exercise is a key part of the process. In this article I will give you five tips to get your metabolism on track.

Tip 1: Walk As Much As Possible

Going for a walk can be highly effective when trying to burn more calories. Adding in an hour walk a day can have you burning around 240 calories which comes out to 1600 calories in a week. It is all about doing it. Try and take every opportunity you can to walk more. If you need to go to the corner store, why take the car, walk there. Stop wasting time searching for the parking spot close to the door, park in the back and walk there.

Tip 2: Try Doing Some High Intensity Cardio

Yes, walking is good for you as it is a steady state calorie burner, but you can really spike your metabolism by doing some high intensity cardio. High intensity bursts of cardio often burn 800+ calories per hour, so just 10 minutes per day can blast through over 130 calories. There are also great high intensity exercises that you can do just about anywhere that you can fit into your day. Doing a circuit of burpees, mountain climbers, jumping jacks, jumping rope, and jump squats will have you burning many calories.

High intensity workouts also can have you burning calories well after your workout is over as your metabolism will still be high for several hours later.

Tip 3: Add Resistance Training Into Your Exercise Routine

If you are really serious about boosting your metabolism, you need to be doing some resistance training. True, you won’t burn as many calories as you would doing some cardiovascular exercises, but you will end up increasing your overall metabolism.

A major reason for this is that muscle cells can burn more calories than fat cells. Therefore, adding some muscle, through resistance training, to your body will increase the number of muscle cells you have.

Tip 4: Be Consistent In Working Out

It is a must that you are consistent in your workout program to maximize your metabolism. Doing extra activities during the day will help but your biggest reward will come when you do a consistent exercise routine. For the best results, come up with a workout plan that will involve a mixture of resistance training and cardiovascular training, using maximum effort for three and five time a week.

Tip 5: Take A Rest Day

Getting rest is crucial to any succesful exercise plan. Taking time to rest will give your muscles a chance to repair and will help eliminate any possibility of your body becoming overwhelmed fom overtraining. If you don’t give your body the time it needs to rest, it will eventually lead to injury and a slowing down of your metabolism. Therefore, make sure you get plenty of rest and always take one day where you do not do any physical activity.


I hope these five metabolism boosting exercise tips will help you get you where you want to be in your health and fitness journey. So start increasing the number of calories you burn each day and give your metabolism a boost by implementing these five tips now.

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