Medicine Ball Exercises: Improve Your Fitness With These Exercise Ball Exercises

How Medicine Ball Exercises Can Improve Your Fitness

medicine ball exercisesIf you are stuck in the same boring workout routine and are not seeing results, adding some medicine ball exercises just may be the spark you need to put that fire back into your routine.

A successful exercise regimen makes use of all types of exercise equipment and different forms of exercise for total body conditioning. This includes using exercise ball exercises, which is a great way to work many muscle groups.

Using medicine balls can also help break up the chance of your body adapting to doing the same exercises over and over.

Just What Is A Medicine Ball

A medicine ball is a ball that is specifically designed for fitness and can weigh anywhere from 2 to 50 pounds. Some medicine balls are covered in rubberized material while others may be covered in leather. There are some medicine balls that have the ability to bounce while others may not. There are also different types of medicine balls that may have handles or built in grips to perform a variety of exercises

People who are in a rehabilitation therapy program might use medicine ball exercises for functional fitness to help perform daily activities again. In athletics, exercises that use a medicine ball can help increase muscular power, improve agility, increase speed, and endurance.

Medicine Ball Training Benefits

The many different exercises that can be performed with the medicine ball make it a great fitness tool for working the whole body. There are many different ways to use the medicine ball as it can be slammed, bounced, swung, pressed, caught on the rebound, or thrown. A great example would be side tossing the medicine ball back and forth between partners.

Below are some great medicine ball exercises:

Medicine Ball Slam

The Medicine Ball Slam is a great exercise where you slam the ball to the ground and depending on the ball, catch it on the bounce back.

Medicine Ball Side Twist

Another great exercise is the Medicine Ball Side Twist. In this exercise, the medicine ball is held in front of you as you twist from side to side.

Medicine Ball Squat Throw

A great, challenging exercise that can really get the heart rate up is the squat throw. While doing the exercise, hold the medicine ball in front at chest level with elbows bent and throw the ball as jumping out of the squat. Catch the medicine ball and immediately continue doing the movement.

Below is a video of how to do the medicine ball squat throw.

Medicine Ball Russian Twist

Medicine ball exercises for the core can help build core strength because they isolate these muscles and require core stabilization to perform the exercise.

The Russian Twist is another great and popular core exercise. The Russian Twist is done by sitting on the floor with knees bent, feet on the ground, and leaning back so the torso is about 45 degrees all while holding the medicine ball. When in that position, twists left and right for several repetitions. To add additional resistance, the feet can be lifted off the ground.

Below is a video on how to do the medicine ball russian twist.

Medicine Ball Squat and Press

Medicine balls can be an effective tool for training for power. As stated earlier, exercise balls exercises can increases strength and power.

Another exercise that uses multiple muscle groups is the medicine ball squat and press. To do the exercise, start with the ball about chest high. Proceed to squat down and as you are coming back up, press the ball as high as you can.

Here is a video explaining the medicine ball squat and press.

Medicine Ball Burpee

The final exercise is going to be the most challenging one. It is a burpee using the medicine ball. In this exercise, you will be doing a burpee while placing your hands on the med ball. You can do it with or without a chest press, depending on your fitness level or how hard you feel like pushing yourself!

Here is a video on how to do the exercise. Remember, in the video, the chest press is done, but it is up to you to do it.


If you are going to include medicine ball exercises into your fitness regimen, consult with your physician to make sure you can weight train. Also, training with medicine balls do require a bit of skill so if you are unsure of how to do an exercise always seek the advice of a fitness trainer. They can also determine the right exercise ball exercises for your goals and fitness level.

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