Looking To Improve Focus and Concentration? How Exercise Can Help

Does Exercise Improve Focus and Concentration?

We all have heard of all the benefits of exercise for better health, but can it improve focus and concentration? An exercise routine can help with weight loss, heart health, diabetes, and so many other things but what about our mental health. Physical challenging your body can significantly enhance the health of your brain and cognitive function.

improving focus and concentration

If you are having a hard time focusing and concentrating on everyday things let it be known you are not alone. In today’s world there are so many things to distract us, In every minute of the day there is stuff to distract us whether it be from your mobile device or the outside world.

Exercise, although often over-looked on this subject, can improve focus and concentration and hopefully this article can help give you a better understanding of just how.

Researches conducted a study on a group of Dutch students using objective measures to track their attention span after dividing them into three groups. One group did a twenty minute exercise session, another group did two twenty-minute intermittent exercise sessions in the morning, and a third group stayed seated throughout the time.

The group of students that were allowed to exercise scored higher on attention span evaluations with the group who performed two sessions scoring the highest.

In 2007 students in Massachusetts were part of a study showing how exercise can improve focus and concentration. The group of students who received 56 hours of exercise scored higher than the group who scored 28 hours of exercise.

This is a great advocate for keeping physical exercise as a component of the education system. The issues of diabetes and obesity alone could be reason enough to keep it in the curriculum. Of course those are concerning issues, how exercise can improve focus and concentration should also be a major factor,

Exercise, or any type of physical activity can cause a biological reception in the brain that can lead to better focus and concentration, according to the website Positive Psychology. The chemical BDNF is released during exercise which is known to nourish brain cells ans let neural pathways to develop in the brain.

Also, routine exercise can lead to a rise in the neurotransmitter norepinephrine. This will lead to a greater sense of concentration, energy, and alertness.


Finally, the body is made to be physically active and in constant moving. The phrase “use it or lose it.” is a great way to describe how without any physical activity it just isn’t our bodies and health that suffer but our mental well being also.

The purpose of this article was to show you how it just isn’t your body that can benefit from exercise but you can also improve focus and concentration with a consistent exercise routine.

In this world today with so many distractions and so much technology has taken away from doing every day things, it is crucial to the health of your mind and body to remain active. Get moving!

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