How Does Sleep Affect Your Immune System – What You Should Know

How Does Sleep Affect Your Immune System

How Does Sleep Affect Your Immune SystemWe have all heard of the importance of a strong immune system but do you know just how does sleep affect your immunes system? There are many things that can be effected by sleep such as stabilizing stress levels and how we function on a daily basis. The right amount of sleep can also boost immune system levels that will lead to better health.

How Does Sleep Affect Your Immune System – What Is Going On At Rest

Often when you do not get enough sleep, you re more likely to become and also take a much longer time to recover. You should understand that even though you are sleeping, some important things are going on,

It may be called rest buy it actually is a very active time. It is at this time, for you to stay healthy, that crucial maintenance tasks are being performed behind the scenes

The production of the important Cytokines happens when you sleep.

Your body will be creating and using these cytokines when you sleep. Cytokines are small proteins that help your immune system to be more effective. The only time you can make these cytokines is when you sleep.

If you aren’t getting enough sleep you will most likely be lacking in these cytokines. This leads to a lot less effective immune system and less protection against getting sick.

How Does Sleep Affect Your Immune System – White Blood Cells

The amount of sleep you get also plays a role with your white blood cells. The effectiveness of your white blood cells is determined by the amount of sleep you get. There are many hormones that white blood cells rely on how effective they are in battling foreign bodies,

These hormones are also produced when you are sleeping. Lack of sleep will have your white blood cells not reacting as good as they should because you have a low hormone count. If this occurs, sickness will be worse than it should be and the recovery time is longer.

How Does Sleep Affect Your Immune System – The Other Affects Off Lack Of Sleep

There are also other ways not getting enough sleep can hurt you. When it comes to weight gain, the sleep factor is often overlooked. Heart disease is a higher risk for those who are overweight.

How Does Sleep Affect Your Immune System – How To Sleep More

It is important to your overall health to get the amount of sleep you need, here are some sleep remedies you can try.

Following a consistent sleep schedule can be one way to help you sleep. Staying with your schedule can having yo trick your body into thinking it is time to sleep at set time.

Aiming for seven to nine hours of sleep is what adults should shoot for. A weighted blanket can also be a useful tool in helping you get better sleep. There are many users reporting success as the feeling of calmness occurs like they are being hugged when they use the weighted blanket.

Cut out the caffeine later in the day. Stimulants like caffeine can keep you wide awake, so try cutting back or consume them earlier.

Try using lavender oil. Lavender oil is an essential oil that many claim to help them sleep better.


I hope this post has given you a better understanding how sleep affects your immune system. Time to get to bed!

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