5 Healthy Snack Foods For Dieting: Good Snack Foods To Try

Healthy Snack Foods For Dieting

healthy snacks foods for dieting For many trying to lose weight, finding healthy snack foods for dieting can make a big difference in having success or not.

Does this sound familiar? You find yourself exercising regularly and eating healthy meals but in those moments between meals when you get hungry, you reach for unhealthy snacks. This little moment of weakness ends up destroying your weight loss goals. In this article I will share with you some tips on how not to let snacking destroy your fat loss efforts and 5 healthy snacking ideas to try.

How Not To Snack Away Your Fat Loss Efforts

1) Snack Only When You’re Hungry

One reason, often not talked about on how people gain weight, is because of the unhealthy snacking that is done between meals.  There are a few reasons for this happening but two of the main culprits are because people are either bored or it has become a habit. A good example of this would be the habit of always snacking when watching TV. As a result, many extra unwanted calories are consumed, even if you aren’t really hungry.

So the next time you have the urge to snack, stop yourself and really give it some thought. Decide if you are really actually hungry or if you are just bored. Once you find the reason, you can tackle the problem.

2) Avoid All Processed Snacks

Another big mistake people make when snacking is reaching for the unhealthy, processed snacks. If you make sure your breakfast, lunch, and dinners are filled with healthy, natural ingredients, then why wouldn’t you want the same for your snacks? If you are snacking on a bag of chips while watching your favorite show, you can easily take in a days worth of unwanted fat calories, without even realizing it. You can easily ruin your healthy eating day in the time you are enjoying your show.

A good way you can avoid this is to prepare some healthy snacks in advance so when the cravings for a snack occur, you’ll have access to nutrient, healthy snacks. I have a list below that you can try.

3) Stop Drinking Soda

One final diet destroyer is reaching for a soda to quench your thirst. This is no doubt one of the most popular diet destroyers that many people have.

Adding in a couple glasses of soda each day will give you a whopping amount of extra unwanted calories to your weekly intake. If you think diet soda is better because it has less calories, you are mistaken. Diet soda is loaded with sugar, sugar substitutes, and chemicals, that are very detrimental to your health.

The good news is that there are plenty of low calorie, healthy, replacements to soda available. Regular water has zero calories, is refreshing, and keeps you hydrated. Tea and Coffee also have low calories and are a good option if you want a hot drink.

5 Tasty Healthy Snack Suggestions

As I mentioned before, it is good practice to prepare some healthy snacks. I have listed below 5 tasty and simple healthy snack foods for dieting that you can try:

1) Chili Roasted Pumpkin Seeds: If you want a healthy alternative to chips, chili roasted pumpkin seeds are an excellent choice. To make it, you can follow the recipe here. You can then place equal amounts of chili roasted pumpkin seeds into small bags to have a healthy snack readily available.

2) Honey Roasted Peanuts: This protein packed snack is sweet and will definitely satisfy your cravings. You can follow the recipe here. Split the nuts up equally and store them in seperate bags, making a healthy snack available at all times.

3) Hummus & Carrot Sticks: Carrots are loaded with vitamins A & K and health boosting fiber. Dipping them in hummus will give you a creamy flavor that is very satisfying. Here is how to prepare carrot sticks and hummus. Take a small carrot and chop it into sticks, along with a small pot of hummus, place them into a container. Whenever you feeel hungry, dip the carrot sticks into the hummus and enjoy!

4) Blueberries & Greek Yogurt: Greek yogurt is a great source of protein and healthy fats while blueberries are high in vitamin C and fiber. All you have to do to prepare this is combine a half cup of blueberries with a cup of Greek yogurt. Place in a container and you have it whenever you are hungry.

5) Homemade Fruit Salad: Low calories and packed with health boosting vitamins and minerals, fruit salad is a healthy snack. To make your own fruit salad, combine a cup of your favorite fruit juice with three of your favorite fruits and place in a container. You will have it easily available whenever you want a snack.


Finding healthy snack foods for dieting can often be difficult, leading to the eating of unhealthy snacks. I hope some of these healthier snacks I have listed can help you stay on track and crush your cravings. So if snacking has become a weight loss weakness, follow some of the tips listed above and turn your unhealthy snacking into a healthy habit today.

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5 Healthy Snack Foods For Dieting: Good Snack Foods To Try
Article Name
5 Healthy Snack Foods For Dieting: Good Snack Foods To Try
For many people who are trying to lose weight, finding healthy snack foods for dieting can make a big difference in having success or not.
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Exercise and Nutrition Tips
Exercise and Nutrition Tips

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