Gym Etiquette: Are You Guilty of These When Going To The Gym?

Have Gym Etiquette And Avoid These Gym Pet Peeves

gym etiquetteGym etiquette, is the unwritten rules that most people who have been working out for some time will learn to follow in the gym. If you are someone who is guilty of some of these gym pet peeves then I can bet that either you you are new at being in a gym environment or just aren’t serious about working out!

Here is a list of 5 gym pet peeves that drive me crazy. Are you guilty of any of these or do they annoy you also?

#1 Gym Pet Peeve: Not Putting The Weights Away

This is my number one gym pet peeve and it could be just because I have worked in the field for close to 20 years. Leaving weight on benches, leg press machines, smith machines, and others, is annoying because if someone walks in to use something and sees weights on it they will think it is being used. Loading a leg press with twelve 45lb plates and walking away is just wrong. If you can load it up, you can take it off.

Using dumbbells and not putting them back on the dumbbell rack is pretty much just laziness. Again, someone may want to use those dumbbells but because they were left on the floor an hour ago someone may think they are still being used. Maybe it could just be that mommy puts away everything for them.

#2 Gym Pet Peeve: Not Wiping Your Sweat

If you are going to the gym and going to leave your sweat on every machine you use then maybe you should just wear a wet suit. It is great that you are going to the gym and working up a sweat but it doesn’t mean the next person has to wear a life preserver to avoid drowning in the puddle of sweat left behind.  Be considerate have some gym etiquette and practice cleanliness.

#3 Gym Pet Peeve: Coffee Talk At The Equipment

Great, you see someone you haven’t seen in a while at the gym, this doesn’t mean you can just sit on a piece of equipment and reminisce about the good ole days.  Many gyms set up the equipment to be done in a circuit training type of workout so just sitting there and chatting like it is starbucks is just inconsiderate, especially if there are others using the equipment.

Also, every gym has that one person who can literally talk for hours about really nothing, so I suggest doing the best to not get trapped in that web and avoid the situation.

#4 Gym Pet Peeve: Cell Phone Talk

Ten years ago this wasn’t even thought of but it is quickly climbing up my list. Is your life so important that you have to answer or make that call in the middle of a workout. True there are some instances that you may need to, but most of the time it is just people casually chatting while working out. If you are going to sit on a piece of equipment and talk on the phone then it may be time to just give up your membership and put it towards your cell phone bill.

The other aggravating thing is that the people who are working out around you really don’t want to know about your business and don’t want to hear you talking about it. If you don’t have an emergency situation or a work related issue going on, then the cell phone can wait.

#5 Gym Pet Peeve: Working Out In Front of The Dumbbell Rack

You may not realize this one until you have to use some dumbbells and there is someone exercising right in front of the rack. There is no need for anyone to stand right on top of the rack to do their set. Step back, it really isn’t that hard so others can have access to the dumbbells.


When going to the gym it important to have some consideration for other members and have some gym etiquette. What is your opinion on these pet peeves? Do you have one that really annoys you? Feel free to leave a comment and vent, it may make you feel better!


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