Are GMO Foods Safe To Eat? Just What Are GMOs?

Are GMO Foods Safe To Be Eaten?

are-GMO-foods-safeI am sure you have heard about GMO, but just what is it and are GMO foods safe to eat?

GMOs are plants and animals that have been altered genetically. They are genetically modified so that crops have more of a resistant to weeds, pests, and any other disease that can typically post a threat to them. They will often travel well, have a longer life, and in most cases will reduce the cost of the product.

It is very common for GMOs to be featured in mass-produced products, while the US passed a bill to have some GMO ingredients to be listed on the label, manufacturers have found loopholes to get around listing certain ingredients.

The fact that using GMOs is more cost efficient for both producers and farmers, using them has become a common method of farming.

Are GMO Foods Safe To Eat?

There have been several countries across the globe that have put restrictions or even bans on the production of GMOs. Why?

It is very simple, these countries believe there is not enough proof to prove GMOs are safe. The consensus being that in the studies so far, it doesn’t seem that GMOs are unsafe. It really isn’t the victory that GMO activists have made it out to be.

Just Where Are GMOs Used?

In the US, the majority of both corn and soybeans are genetically modified. The fact is, The Center For Food Safety has reported that about 70% of processed foods that are on the supermarket shelves today now have at least one ingredient that is genetically modified. The problem is, the USDA just hasn’t enforced the court orders to the planting of several unrestricted crops. It is tough to preach healthy nutrition to your country when you are not taking action on this.

How You Can Avoid GMOs

The easiest and simplest way to avoid consuming products that contain GMOs is to purchase organic foods whenever possible. Organic producers use processes that keeps your food from being genetically modified. They do not plant on land that has been sprayed or treated with chemicals. The ingredients used are stored separately and separate machinery is used to prevent any contamination from occurring.

If you just don’t want to spend extra for fruits and vegetables that are organic, look for the products that have a hard or thick skin. It is harder for the toxins to reach the fruit or vegetable itself. However, you should always try to buy organic when it comes to those fruits and vegetables with soft skin (skin that you eat).

GMOs And Your Health

There have been several studies on GMOs, it has only been recently that the general consensus seems to be that they do not appear to be unsafe. However, it is challenging to get a true picture of what health problems they may present because the products weren’t tracked or labeled for so long. It is still unsure and debatable to know what the actual truth is and to answer if are GMO foods safe to eat. Throw in  the fact that millions of dollars are involved, you have to really be worried about any positive study.

What Do GMOs Do To The Environment

GMOs may clearly be a big reason for the growth of superweeds and superbugs. They have become more resistant to the herbicides and pesticides being used, thus leading to an increase in the need for stronger or more of it to be used.

During the first 13 years of GMOs in commercial use, The Organic Center found that those crops had an increase in herbicide use by over 350 million pounds.

It seems that most of the GMO crops are being used in the feeding of livestock in the richer nations, rather than helping to feed the poorer nations. Large amounts of GMO soybeans are produced in South America, but most of that feeds Europe’s livestock. Additionally, locally consumed products are becoming more scarce because the poorer farmers are being displaced.

Final Thoughts

So, are GMO foods safe to eat? This is currently a debatable question but I feel as time goes by we shall know more. In my opinion, anything altering it’s original state can only lead to eventual problems. When you throw in the fact that millions of dollars are involved here it also makes me question the studies leaning toward the fact that these foods are safe.

How do you feel about [easyazon_link identifier=”B00IOAO59A” locale=”US” tag=”exerandnutrti-20″]GMO foods[/easyazon_link]? Do you already avoid them? Leave a comment and thanks for reading!

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  1. Thanks a lot for sharing and speaking up about this important topic, Mike!

    “Throw in the fact that millions of dollars are involved, you have to really be worried about any positive study.” – this one hits the spot! Everyone should think from the perspective of money and interest when investigating such issues.

    And when it comes to health impact and evidence, I’ve written an article about novel genetic discoveries. The food we eat acts as information and impacts our gene expression. GMO foods seem like Pandora’s box in the light of these discoveries.

    Best wishes and keep it up!

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