Flat Stomach Tips: Top 10 Food and Drinks To Avoid

Flat Stomach Tips

flat stomach tipsToday’s post I am going to get you back to the foundation of getting a leaner stomach with these flat stomach tips. The problem most people have in trying to get a flatter stomach is that their main focus is spending hours in the gym and not really being mindful of what they are eating. This approach will most certainly not get you the results you are looking for. In this post I will give you some tips for a flat stomach that will include 10 foods and drinks that you should be avoiding.

1 – Alcohol

If you have an occasional beer or drink that is okay. However, if you start to overdo it, then you will be setting yourself way back in your attempt to getting a flatter stomach. Since there are many empty calories in alcohol, a night of so called fun can easily turn into consuming hundreds of liquid calories. These empty calories will just be stored as fat and will end up adding to your belly fat. A night of drinking often isn’t just alcohol calories taken in but because alcohol can increase your appetite, junk food is often also consumed.

2 – Artificial Sweeteners

This is one of those flat stomach tips that people tend to not realize. It is true that artificial sweeteners contain zero calories but this doesn’t mean they are a good choice when trying to achieve a flat belly. Artificial sweeteners are fully loaded with appetite increasing chemicals that cause you to overeat. In addition to this, artificial sweeteners also cause bloating because of the chemical compounds that do not break down in the body easy known as cyclamate, aspartame, and sucralose.

3 – Candy

Candy is definitely something that should be avoided as it is high in calories and has little nutritional value. These extra calories will just end up adding to the problem of losing belly fat. candy also has a very high sugar content which can lead to a crash and surge of your blood glucose levels. This will have a negative impact on reaching your goals as it will reduce your energy levels and increase your appetite.

4 – Dried Fruit

Many people often believe that since it is fruit that it must be good for you. However, dried fruit contains high amounts of sugar and lots of calories compared to eating healthy fresh fruit. Similar to candy, dried fruit can have similar effects to your body and ruin your flat stomach efforts.

5 – Fast Food

Fast food not only is low in nutritional value but is also high in trans fats and high in calories. These unwanted calories will cause excess fat storage around your stomach but can also leave you feeling sluggish.

6 – Fruit Juice

This is one of those flat stomach tips that gets many people confused because they assume fruit juice has to be good for you because it contains fruit juice. True, fruit juice does have some vitamins and minerals but it also contains high levels of sugar along with zero fiber. Fresh fruits can help suppress your appetite while fruit juice can have just the opposite effect and have you consuming extra fat storing calories.

7 – Processed Foods

Processed foods, in order to increase the shelf life and improve flavor, are packed with salt, sugar, and chemicals. The salt and chemicals in processed foods will cause bloating and increase your appetite and also add in the extra calories you get from the sugar.

8 – Refined Grains

Refined grains have their vitamins, minerals, and most of the fiber stripped away during processing. The reduction in fiber will have you feeling hungry and can also cause your metabolism to slow down.

9 – Sodium Rich Foods

Foods that are high in sodium will have your body retaining water and have you feeling bloating. It is important to always check the sodium content of food because it is often added to many foods, some which may surprise you.

10 – Soda

In today’s world, you should know that there is nothing good about soda, especially when trying to get a flat stomach. This goes for both regular and diet soda. Regular soda is loaded with sugar and useless calories. These useless calories will easily get converted into body fat and prevent you from getting a lean stomach. Even though there is zero calories in diet soda it is full of chemicals that can have an increase in your appetite. This is one of the most obvious of the flat stomach tips listed but yet many still are drinking soda.


Follow these flat stomach tips and start achieving that lean stomach look you have always wanted.  Check your eating plan and start eliminating these from your diet to be on your way to a flat stomach.

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Flat Stomach Tips:  Top 10 Food and Drinks To Avoid
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Flat Stomach Tips: Top 10 Food and Drinks To Avoid
Follow these flat stomach tips and start achieving that lean stomach look you have always wanted.
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  1. What wasn’t mentioned about alcohol is it goes right to the liver. People with pot bellied often have fatty liver disease.

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