Flat Stomach Myths: Stop Believing These 5 Myths

Don’t Believe These Flat Stomach Myths

People all over are being led down the wrong path by believing in these 5 flat stomach myths. Getting a flat belly is such a popular topic that many myths have been created about getting a flatter stomach. In this post I will address some of these myths about getting a flat stomach and hopefully have you believing the truth.

Myth 1: Spot Reducing Stomach Fat

flat stomach mythsOne of the biggest and most popular stomach toning myth is the ability to target a certain area such as a belly with ab exercises to eliminate the fat from your midsection. You just can’t spot reduce where you would like. Of course this would be great if it was true but unfortunately there is more to it than that.

The main focus of developing abs and losing stomach fat is to reduce your overall bodyfat percentage. To accomplish this it is important to stick to a healthy diet plan that is filled with natural, unprocessed foods and focus doing both cardiovascular and weight training exercises. Doing this on a consistent basis will have your body fat levels dropping, muscles toning, and your belly looking tighter and flatter.

Myth 2: Exercise Only Will Get You Abs

Another one of the most popular flat stomach myths to getting abs is that you can eat whatever you want as long as you workout. Of course working out helps you get leaner and burn fat but exercise alone will not cover up a poor diet.

It is crucial to stop eating high calorie, processed food, and start making changes to eating healthier. This healthy eating plan will spark the fat burning process and give you a solid foundation for your exercise program.

Myth 3: Daily Ab Training

For some reason people will treat the abdominal muscles differently than other muscles and want to train them on a daily basis. Training your abs on a daily basis is not only a myth but it can limit you from making progress and also increase your risk of getting injured.

Train your abs like any other group and work them a 2-3 times per week. This training method will help strengthen your core and will give your abs enough time to recover.

Myth 4: Exercise With High Reps Only

Another flat stomach myth is believing your core muscles will only respond to high repetition, not resistance exercises. True, there are some benefits to high repetition, no resistance exercises, but doing just this type of training will only get you so far and prevent you from getting optimal results.

If you want to get the most of your ab training then a combination of high reps with no resistance and low reps with resistance will get you the most out of your training. This type of combination will help strengthen and define the midsection.

Myth 5: Buying the Magic Product or Supplement

The last of the flat stomach myths is buying into the fact that getting six pack abs can be achieved with only a special product or supplement. Believing that a fat burning gel, ab belt, or any supplement is all that will be needed to melt away the fat without the discipline of proper nutrition is just a recipe for failure.

The truth with these products is that very few will give you any type of results if you aren’t willing to eat healthy and stay active. A supplement will only work when everything else is in order.

So instead of chasing the magic product or gimmicks, try going with what is proven to work and that is the discipline of proper nutrition and consistent exercise. Doing it the right way will keep the results lasting longer without hurting the wallet or the body.


I hope this post gives you a better understanding on some flat stomach myths that many have been wrongly informed to believe. Again, nothing can beat putting in the hard work in your training and proper eating!

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Flat Stomach Myths: Stop Believing These 5 Myths
Article Name
Flat Stomach Myths: Stop Believing These 5 Myths
Stop believing these flat stomach myths and get on the right track to getting the stomach that you have always been wanting.
Exercise and Nutrition Tips
Exercise and Nutrition Tips
Exercise and Nutrition Tips

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  1. I agree with what you said about those supplements. No one can get abs just by supplements. For me, it’s silly how people really believe they can get abs by drinking supplements that claim to give awesome results. Thank you for sharing this!

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