Feeling Tired All Day? 8 Natural Remedies To Fight Fatigue

Feeling Tired All Day? 8 Ways To Fight Off Fatigue

feeling tired all dayIf you have constantly been feeling tired all day or lethargic, you may be battling the symptoms of fatigue. This article has 8 natural remedies to help you battle fatigue.

When you are feeling fatigued, you will get the feeling of being physically and mentally drained. Daily tasks that you would have no problem doing have now become a struggle to get done.

There are several different reasons why you may be feeling fatigued. Some of these reasons could be from a lack of sleep, illness, over stimulation, mental stress, and depression. It doesn’t matter what the reason is, here are some natural remedies that can give you a boost of energy without a crash later.

8 Ways To Stop Feeling Tired All Day

#1 Eating A Healthy Breakfast

One of the first things you should make sure you do to start your day is eat a healthy breakfast. Breakfast is the important meal that will give you fuel for your day. Eating breakfast will give your energy levels a boost. With this much needed fuel, you will be able to get your daily tasks done.

Skipping breakfast can have you setting yourself up for an unproductive day. It is important to make breakfast a part of your morning routine. A healthy breakfast at about 300 calories can be sufficient enough.

#2 Eat Broccoli

Broccoli is just one of those foods that have so many health benefits and fighting fatigue is one of them. It is packed with dietary fiber that can help in the reducing of adrenal damage often caused from fatigue and stress. This will give you better blood sugar levels and have less glucose in the body.

Broccoli can help keep you maintain a healthy weight which will help control bodyfat. Having too much bodyfat causes an increase in the hormone cortisol in your body. When you have this happen, you will gain weight. Eating broccoli can help reduce insulin resistance and improve blood sugar metabolism.

#3 Get Much Needed Rest

You can not overstate the importance of sleep. In order for your mind and body to function at optimal levels, you should be getting an adequate amount of sleep. Getting enough sleep will help keep you from getting fatigued. Plenty of rest can give you feeling of rejuvenation and ready to tackle your day. It is when you don’t get enough sleep that the feeling of being sluggish or not able to focus occurs.

#4 Try Some Lemon Balm

There are a variety of different ailment that this perennial herb is used for. There is a calming effect that can be found in the chemicals it contains. Your level of mental fatigue is lowered when you are calm. Lemon balm tea can be made with the leaves to give you a calming restful sleep.

#5 Take a Warm Salt Bath

A nice warm salt bath are a great way to help release your fatigue. A tub of lukewarm water and a little salt is all that is needed. Sit in the salt water bath for about 10-15 minutes. Allow your body to just sit and relax. Do not let your hair or face get in the salt water. You should be submerged from the neck down in this soothing bath.

#6 Have a Glass of Wine

This one will probably be the most popular remedy on the list. A glass of wine is sometimes all that is needed to get rid of fatigue.

Mix red wine with:

  • 25gm of rosemary
  • 25gm of sage
  • 2tsps of honey

Get a glass container and mix the sage, rosemary, and wine together.

Place the glass container for 20 minutes in a pot of boiling hot water.

Take the container out of the water, strain the liquid, and add the honey in.

Let it cool off for a little bit and enjoy. It is a great way to end any day.

#7 Consume Rose Petals

Depression and tension has been often dealt with the use of rose petals. Depression and tension are often a result from mental fatigue. Mix 20 to 30 rose petals in a glass of water. The mixture should be boiled for about 15 minutes. When it has finally cooled down, store it in an airtight container. Drink this about 3 times a day and watch your fatigue disappear.

#8 Eat Your Spinach

If you are suffering from chronic fatigue, eating spinach may be one of the best ways to fight it off. Spinach is a very high nutrient rich food. It contains folate, which helps fight fatigue. Spinach also gives your body many other healthy nutrients.

You should try to consume spinach at least once a day. It really doesn’t matter if you eat it or drink it in a smoothie, as long as you get it in your body. Try different ideas so you do not get sick of it.


I hope these 8 natural remedies will help you fight off the fatigue you are dealing with. So if you are feeling tired all day, try some or all of these tips out and put your fatigue symptoms to rest.


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