Exercise With Your Dog: Ways You Can Get Fit With Your Dog

How You Can Exercise With Your Dog

exercise with your dog We all know about exercise and our health, this is also true for your dog, so here are some ways to exercise with your dog to keep you both healthy.

A successful exercise program takes being consistent. Having a workout partner can help keep you motivated. Who is more loyal than your dog. This is especially helpful on those days you just aren’t into working out. So when you are in need of a workout buddy, grab the leash and get your sweat on.

Below are a few ways you can get fit with your dog.

The Power Of Dog Walking

Certainly by know you have actually heard of all the health advantages you could get from a consistent walking routine. However, you could get even more of a workout by power walking your dog.

The best method to begin a power walking routine would certainly be to start slow, enabling your dog to smell and get associated with the scent along the road. This beginning warm up phase could likewise be a good time for your dog to go to the bathroom. Once you have actually done anywhere from 5-10 minutes of a warm up, you can increase your walking speed to a fast walk. This will start to provide you and your dog more of a cardio workout.

You could also incorporate interval training right into your walking routine. Interval training can easily be done by walking at a fast pace for a few minutes, followed by a slower pace, then picking the speed back up for a few minutes once more. You can repeat this process for the whole walk. You should then follow up with a cooling period. During the fast pace part of the program, you can either walk at a fast pace or a jog. If both you and your dog are capable, you could even run.

One more wonderful way to get fit with your dog would be moving your walking routine to the beach. The added resistance of sand will give you a lot more calorie burning because of the addition of added resistance.

Frisbee Playing

When it comes to playing frisbee, dogs absolutely love it. Tossing the Frisbee and having your dog catch it is a great way to get fit, especially if you do this at the beach. You can even run with the dog as the dog chases after the Frisbee. Playing Frisbee is a wonderful means to boost your calorie burning and get some cardio in.

Jumping Small Hurdles

This one may seem a bit different but once you try it and get to sweating, you will know why it is listed here. [easyazon_link identifier=”B01M4I8X4A” locale=”US” tag=”exerandnutrti-20″]Agility hurdles[/easyazon_link] can easily be set up in a yard or at the park. They come in all different sizes and you can use as many as you like.

Once you start to jump over the hurdles, your dog most likely will want to follow. This can lead to a great competitive race between you and your dog. There are endless ways to get a workout routine in with these hurdles.

Hitting The Trails

Running or walking through trails could be a challenging means to include some health and fitness right into your day. Experiencing some trails with your dog can be a wonderful method to help clear your mind from the everyday stresses of life also.

This wonderful link with nature could give you, as well as your dog, an amazing routine to help you both get healthier.


There are many ways that you can exercise with your dog that can lead to many healthy benefits for you and your dog. Use your loyal companion to get both of you in better health today.

Do you do some activity with your dog? What is it? Feel free to leave a comment.

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Exercise With Your Dog: Ways You Can Get Fit With Your Dog
Article Name
Exercise With Your Dog: Ways You Can Get Fit With Your Dog
Having a workout buddy can offer added motivation, so here are some ways to exercise with your dog to keep you both healthy.
Exercise and Nutrition Tips
Exercise and Nutrition Tips
Exercise and Nutrition Tips

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