Exercise Half Ball: What Is It and Why You Should Use It!

Just What Is That Exercise Half Ball?

exercise half ballIf you have wondered what the heck is that exercise half ball at your gym and how you can benefit from it, then I hope this post can help.

It is called the BOSU ball and was created by David Weck in 2000. Simply put, it is a stability ball that has been cut in half and a solid base attached to it. The term BOSU means “both sides up” which is exactly how this exercise half ball can be used. In the post I hope to give you a better understanding of the BOSU ball and the main benefits that can be achieved from using it.

Just How Can You Use The BOSU Ball?

As I stated before, the BOSU can be used on either side. When you use the dome side up it will give you more stability because the bottom of it is resting on the flat platform. If you are a beginner or just starting to use this training device then it is suggested to use the dome side up to give you better balance and a feel for this fitness training device.

Once you are comfortable with it, you can flip it over and try using it with the platform side up. Using the platform side up with the dome being on the floor will be more challenging but will lead to improvements in your core stability and your balance.

There are many exercise half ball exercises that you can perform to take your fitness to a new level. Many of the traditional strength and cardiovascular exercises can be used with the BOSU ball. It also can be used by those looking to improve on their balance and flexibility. If you do a quick search on the internet for BOSU exercises you may be surprised by the number of different exercises that can be performed. Such exercises as squats, curls, and shoulder presses, can all be done on this fitness training device.

What Are Some Benefits of BOSU Ball Training?

Training with the BOSU ball can have several benefits and I have listed some of the key benefits below:

1) Balance:- One of the biggest benefits of training with the BOSU ball is the improvements you will have with your balance. Whether it be standing on one foot, or doing a squat with the dome side down, your balance will greatly improve if you include it to your exercise routine.

2) Core Strength:- Having to stabilize yourself on the exercise half ball engages your core muscles which leads to an improvement in your core strength. Crunches, planks, twists, and any other exercise you do for your core will be more challenging when done on the BOSU.

3) Calories Burned:- Yes you can actually burn more calories when doing traditional exercises because there is more muscles involved to help stabilize your body. Whether it be strength training or a more cardiovascular exercise like a mountain climber, try it on the exercise half ball and burn more calories.


I hope this post has given you a better idea of just what that exercise half ball is at your gym and how you can actually benefit using it. The BOSU ball is definitely a piece of fitness equipment you should add into your exercise routine to get the most out of your body and workouts.

I have included a video below of 5 great exercises for your abs and obliques you can do on the BOSU ball.

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