Doing Too Much Cardio? Are There Dangers Of Doing Too Much Cardio?

Are You Doing Too Much Cardio?

doing too much cardioStaying healthy and fit takes many approaches with cardio being a major component but can you really be doing too much cardio? The truth is yes, under certain circumstances, doing too much cardio can actually have some adverse effects. This post will take a look at the four drawbacks doing too much cardio can have.

1. Increased Risk of Injury

Even though many cardio exercises are low impact, many exercises will place stress on your joints, bones, and muscles while working out for long durations. When you exercise in moderation, your body will have more time to have a full recovery caused from cardio training. However, when you do excessive cardio sessions, the over use from these long durations can cause tears, sprains, and other not so pleasant injuries.

2. The Need For Higher Calorie Intake

Doing long duration cardiovascular sessions can significantly cause an increase in your daily calorie intake. Taking in more calories can force your body to have to work harder to process these extra calories and may lead to some complications such as irregular blood glucose levels and digestive issues.

3. Have Trouble Getting Quality Sleep

When you do moderate cardiovascular training sessions it can have a positive impact on your sleep quality as it allows you to fall into a deeper, more restful night’s sleep. On the other hand, doing excessive cardio can have just the opposite effect and make it harder to fall asleep or get into a deep sleep. This will have a major impact on your body’s ability to recover from training, which is absolutely crucial. Also, this lack of deep sleep can effect your ability to concentrate, effect your mood, and have a negative impact on your performance.

4. Muscle Mass Loss

When you do cardiovascular training, your body relies on the use of glucose for energy. When you run out of glucose, the body will start to burn off fat for energy. With moderate cardio sessions, you should have enough fat and glucose storage to get you through the workout.

However, doing a lot of cardio will cause a complete depletion of your glucose and body fat reserves, When this occurs, your body will end up breaking down your muscles to be used for energy. This has a detrimental impact on your overall health and wellbeing and also on your physical appearance.


To try and avoid some of these dangers of doing too much cardio, make it a point to listen to your body during training sessions. If your performance is lacking and you feel like you need a day or two off, then take it off. You will feel more replenished and refreshed. You will be able to perform your cardio routine at a higher level without some of the risks previously talked about.

Try doing some of these in your exercise routine.

  • Replacing long duration cardiovascular workouts with HIIT is a great option also.
  • Don’t just focus on cardio, add some weight training into your routine to help muscle mass.
  • Mix up your cardio training routine by trying different types of cardio whether it be machines or bodyweight training!

Always consult your physician if you are unsure about your health and doing cardio and remember to have fun and make it a positive part of your lifestyle!

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  1. Reduced metabolism hampers weight loss if you’re doing too much exercise. And your body desperately holds onto Fat. Muscle mass is low & Excessive soreness after exercise.

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