Doing HIIT Workouts For Better Results: Why You Should Be Doing HIIT!

Why You Should Be Doing HIIT Workouts For Better Results

 If you are still doing slow and steady, long-duration cardio, it is time to start doing HIIT workouts for better results. True, doing some form of exercise is better than nothing, but reading a magazine while sitting on a bike or slowly walking on a treadmill just won’t get you the results you could be getting.

It is true that doing a low intensity, two hour workout, will get you some calorie burning. The thing is, once you get your feet off those pedals, your metabolism will go back to taking a nap. Doing HIIT workouts can change all that.

In case you are not familiar with what HIIT is, it stands for high intensity interval training. Doing HIIT workouts may be hard at first, but once you start to see and feel the difference, it will be worth it.

Why Choose HIIT Over Slow State Cardio?

The most important answer to this is because of the amount of fat that HIIT can burn. The story of how this works is quite interesting also. Of course, the harder you workout, the greater the amount of calories you burn will be. This is only half of the benefits story. It is what happens after you complete your workout that is worth all the sweating.

Usually, after a regular workout, your metabolism goes back to a slow pace. When you finish doing HIIT workouts, your metabolism is elevated well after you are finished. On average, it can be from 24-36 hours after HIIT that your metabolism is still going strong. This is great for fat burning! As if you need another bonus, when you do high intensity interval training, you will spike your testosterone and growth hormones. This is great for people wanting to build muscle or get that nice lean tone look.

A word of caution about HIIT, you need to be ready to put in the work! You always get what you put into anything and training isn’t any different.

Just What Is Interval Training?

There is a big reason it is called “interval” training. The process is going back and forth from low intensity to high intensity. This allows you to do short bouts of high intensity combined with longer bouts of lower intensity. Let’s take a look at an example of high intensity interval training.

For this example we will use running.

Start with a light warm-up jog for about five minutes.

When the five minutes is over, run as fast as you can for 15 seconds.

Next, go into a light jog for 45 seconds and then sprint again for 15 seconds.

Keep alternating jogging and sprinting for a total of 16 minutes and then finish with a light cool down jog.

This entire routine last around 30 minutes and believe me, the fat burning will be ignited. Once you get comfortable with HIIT and in better shape, the lengths of you high intensity bursts can get longer. Just stick with the routine and work yourself up slowly. It is a good idea to try and do HIIT 2-3 times a week and not on consecutive days. This will give you enough time to rest in between sessions.

HIIT and Diet

It is important to always make sure your diet is in check. It would be a waste to put in all this effort to just ruin your results with a poor diet. Eating junk food and trying to do HIIT can cause two things to happen. There will be a good chance you will want to vomit when training and will definitely put out the fat-burning torch. Try and keep it clean in the kitchen to get the full benefits that HIIT has to offer.


Doing HIIT workouts is a great way to burn fat and get the results you have been wanting in your health and fitness program. So put the magazine away, and get ready to work your way to getting results like you have never before.

If you would like to learn more about HIIT, Cellucor has a great article, click here.

Have you done or are doing HIIT? Leave a comment below and tells us how it is going!

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