Cutting Out Sugar: 10 Reasons You Need To Do It Now

Cutting Out Sugar: 10 Reasons Why You Must

cutting out sugarJust a few years ago, the talk was cutting back on using salt. Then, sugar became the focus and we were told that cutting out sugar was important because it caused obesity, type-2 diabetes, and many other health problems.

Here we are in 2016, the more we have learned, the more cutting out sugar seems to be the only answer. This may be one of those things that is easier said then done mainly because of the sweet tooth many of us have. Over the years, the more sugar we have eaten has given our bodies a craving to have it. The more you have, the more you want.

A report in the Huffington Post states that in the US, the average person takes in as much as 126 grams of sugar on a daily basis, which is about double that of 54 other countries according to Euromonitor.

Also, the intake of 126 grams is double the recommended daily intake of 50 grams, according to the World Health Organization.

However, cutting out sugar from your diet may be the best thing you can do for your health. I have put together ten reasons why you should be eliminating sugar from your diet.

Sugar Can Cause Depression

According to Prevention magazine, sugar is on the list of 5 foods that can lead to depression. There have been several other studies that suggest a link between depression and sugar consumption.

It is important to consider the fact that when we eat foods, the calories, sugars, and nutrients go through the digestive system and also are sent to our brains.


In 2014, the UK newspaper The Daily Mail claimed “sugar is the new tobacco”, which caused the NHS to respond.

The finding from the NHS is that there is a link between obesity and sugar and the main cause of this being the empty calories that are stored for days from sugar to be used for energy. The fact is your body will get energy from other sources causing that stored up sugar to never be used and turn into fat.

High Blood Pressure

The Mayo Clinic states that one of the reasons more and more American’s are being diagnosed with high blood pressure is because of their poor diet.

The more you consume sugar, the more you will raise your bad cholesterol levels which causes your blood sugar to rise.

Increased Heart Attack Risk

Whatever weight you are at, your risk of getting a heart attack increases with eating more sugar.

Studies have shown that people who take in 25% more sugar than others have a greater risk of dying from a heart attack.

Sugar Addiction

True, sugar is not a drug, but it can have the same addictive effects as some drugs. Sugar can take over the the same neutral pathways that cocaine and heroin use giving people that craving for more.

Also, sugar can be abused just like any drug and lead to sugar addiction.

Fatty Liver Disease

There are two simple types of sugars that sugar is comprised of, Fructose and Glucose.

Fructose can claim to be the “evil twin” as it will head straight to your liver. The constant abuse of sugar can cause a fatty liver, and if this condition is untreated it will lead to liver disease.


The biggest health condition that sugar has been known to have effects on is diabetes.

Insulin is the hormone that turns sugar into fuel and when the pancreas can’t create enough insulin, diabetes happens.

There is no known cure for diabetes but it is something that is absolutely preventable.


When it comes to cancer, the studies are in the early stages but early research has shown a possible connection.

Tooth Decay

Sugar is know to cause tooth decay and the more it is consumed, the more severe the problem can get.

Over time, sugary foods can lead to plaque build up which can lead to tooth loss.

Increase In Appetite

Like I stated before, sugar can be addictive, causing you to want to eat more and more. Cutting out sugar will help regulate your appetite and keep all those cravings at bay.


I hope this post has given you some good reasons for cutting out sugar from your diet. If you find it hard to eliminate sugar from your diet then consider taking small steps and do it gradually. Just remember the sooner you do it, the better off you will be.

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Cutting Out Sugar: 10 Reasons You Need to Do It Now
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Cutting Out Sugar: 10 Reasons You Need to Do It Now
Here are ten reasons why you should be cutting out sugar from your diet and avoid all the health problems that eating sugar can lead to.
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