Coconut Oil Health Benefits: 3 Ways Coconut Oil Benefits Your Health

Coconut Oil Health Benefits: Do You Know About Them?

coconut oil health benefitsFor years, coconut oil had a bad reputation in the the health industry, but there are many coconut oil health benefits that you may not know about. Our ancestors had been using coconut oil for many years to treat many health problems and to ensure good health.

Misconceptions later developed about coconut oil leading to high cholesterol and causing heart attacks. However, people started using hydrogenated oils and it soon was realized they were getting fatter and sicker from using them. Studies then started on coconut oils as a possible healthier choice.

Surprisingly, the newer studies revealed everything that was once believed about coconut oil to be false. In fact, there are many coconut oil health benefits from skin care to controlling diabetes. Once all these benefits hit the mainstream, the popularity of coconut oil skyrocketed.

This article will take a look at some of the health benefits you can get from using coconut oil.

Cardiovascular Disease Prevention

This is an absolute turn around from what once was thought. The truth is, hydrogenated vegetables oils are much worse for your health than coconut oil. The unhealthy, but popular, hydrogenated oils can lead to cardiovascular disease.

Coconut oil can help prevent cardiovascular disease by raising your good cholesterol.

Diabetes Control

Secondly, coconut oil can help control diabetes. Diabetes that is not controlled is the leading cause of blindness, comas, and amputations. Coconut oil helps control diabetes by improving your body’s insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance.

Accelerate Fat Loss

Thirdly, coconut oil can boost your metabolic rate which can accelerate fat loss. This can help the body burn more calories over a period of time. Consuming 2 tablespoons of coconut oil daily can help people trying to lose weight.

The oil is quickly absorbed by the body and converted to energy and fuel. This leads to less of a chance of the body storing calories. Cooking with coconut oil can increase your chances of successfully losing weight.

Adding Coconut Oil To Your Diet

So, just how do you add coconut oil into your diet?

For starters, virgin coconut oil should only be used in moderation. Coconut oil, just like any food, can lead to fat gain if you consume it in large amounts.

It may take you a while to get use to the taste of coconut oil because it has a slightly strong taste. A good start would be to cook something small at first.

From there on, as you get use to the taste, you can increase the amount of dishes you prepare with it. Coconut oil is high in saturated fat, which means it can be used for cooking and frying dishes in high heat because it has a high smoke point.

If you want an addition to salads, hummus, and dressings, you should use extra virgin olive oil which is high in unsaturated fats.

The combination of coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil will give you a good balance of both fats.

Olive oil and coconut oil are the only two oils that you should consume.


The best thing for your health would be to switch from the unhealthy hydrogenated oils to these healthier oils. So make the choice to get all the coconut oil health benefits today and watch your energy levels and health improve.

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