Causes of Panic Attacks: Pinpointing the Cause of Your Panic Attacks

causes of panic attacksCause Of Panic Attacks

There are many causes of panic attacks that can be very different from person to person. Having a panic attack can have the sufferer in a sweaty, fearful, shivering, and struggling to breathe,  state. This can be an absolute horrifying situation to be in.

Panic attacks can occur at just about any time and can happen to anyone. There may be some people who are more prone to getting these attacks. It has been figured to be around 5% of the adult population to suffer from panic attacks. Having a panic disorder is usually characterized by having frequent, recurring panic attacks.

Knowing some of the causes of panic attacks can be a big step to help in controlling them. Identifying a cause of a panic attack directly will give you, or a professional therapist, a better chance in addressing the cause of the attack. It is almost impossible to treat panic disorder without having a better understanding of the root cause of your attacks.

Panic attacks are a behavioral disorder which means there are a variety of causes. Everyone is different, it may just be a single trigger cause for some people. For others, a few causes culminating together will cause a panic attack. It will also be easier to identify some causes than others.

Here are some of the main contributors to panic attacks:


Stress is one of the leading causes of panic attacks Most people can handle normal stress. However, if there is no break to your stress and your stress levels are ongoing, you could have a panic attack.

It could be things like having a highly stressful job or struggling to pay your bills that can lead to stress. These are stressful situations to be in that can lead to panic attacks. Being in large crowds, or having to speak in front of people, are all situations that cause some people stress. If these situations are some that lead to your panic attacks, take precautions and prepare yourself for these moments.

Life Events

There are also certain life events that being involved in or the thought of, can be enough to trigger a panic attack. A victim of a crime or accident can often relive that horrible moment mentally and end up suffering from panic attacks because of it. The thought of the horrible event keeps reoccurring and results in the panic attack.

The Fear of Future Attacks

Panic attacks can have the person suffering from them terrified and develop a fear of getting more in the future. A panic attack can happen at anytime and without warning which can heighten this fear.

This constant fear will cause more attacks because of the added stress. This vicious cycle will only continue until steps are taken to address the problem. Making a conscious effort to retrain your mind is the only way to break this vicious cycle.

What You Can Do 

Keeping a journal of daily activities may be a great way to find the underlying cause of these attacks. It is important to detail your days events. Everything from the food you eat to the places you visit should be recorded.

Details such as the time, location, and dates, whenever a panic attack occurs should be recorded. After doing this for a while, you may see a pattern emerge. This pattern may lead to the underlying cause of the trigger.

You may be able to remedy the situation once you have identified the cause.

Seeing a qualified therapist might just give you the arena you need to get somethings out. Talking through somethings may be the help you need to get a better mindset.


Knowing some of the causes of panic attacks can be the first major step in overcoming it and moving forward.

Having panic attacks may have you missing out on a lot of things in life because of fear and worry. It is time to take control of your life and overcome your panic disorder. You can do this, you need to do this.

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