BOSU Balance Trainer: 5 Exercises To Strengthen Your Core

Core Training With The BOSU Balance Trainer

BOSU balance trainerThe BOSU balance trainer ball, also known as the exercise half ball, is a great piece of fitness equipment to use to work the core muscles. Whatever exercise you do on the BOSU ball will have you engaging your core muscles in an attempt to balance yourself. Even though your core muscle get work when using the BOSU, there are exercises that will target them even more effectively. In this post I will discuss five great exercises to work your core muscles using the BOSU balance trainer.

1) BOSU Crunches

I will start with one of the most basic exercises, crunches. Performing crunches on the BOSU will give your abs a workout with an adding level of difficulty because you have to balance yourself.

To do the BOSU crunches, sit on the BOSU ball and put a bend to your knees. Proceed to lie back with your back arched across the ball and place your hands to the side of your head. At a slow pace, lift up using your abs and then return to the starting position. Perform as many crunches as your abs can handle.

>>> Here Is A Video Demonstration Of BOSU Crunches <<<

2) BOSU Planks

The plank exercise is a great way to strengthen your core muscles without the worrying of hurting your back. Using the BOSU for this exercise makes it more challenging as you will have the added task of balancing yourself while doing the exercise.

To do BOSU planks, place the BOSU in front of you and kneel down with your forearms on it. Bringing your knees off the ground, balance yourself on your forearms and toes while keeping the core tight, hold the position. If you would like to add even more difficulty to this exercise all you have to do is roll the BOSU side to side. Hold the plank for as long as you can and try to increase your time each week.

>>> Here Is A Video On How To Do The BOSU Planks <<<

3) BOSU Reverse Planks

Reverse planks are similar to doing the regular plank except their is more emphasis on lower back strength. Doing this exercise on the exercise half ball makes it more challenging because you will be balancing yourself without having the ability to see the BOSU ball.

To do the BOSU reverse planks, sit on the BOSU and place your hands to your side. While slowly lifting your hips, keep in line your neck, spine and legs, and tighten your core. Try to hold the position for as long as you can and attempt to increase your time each week.

>>> Here Is A Video Of BOSU Reverse Planks <<<

4) BOSU Side Planks

Side planks are a great exercise to strengthen your oblique muscles. Using the BOSU for this exercise adds an extra level of difficulty as you will have to balance yourself at a difficult angle and keep your core tight.

To do the BOSU side planks, lie on your side with your legs out straight. Put your forearm on the exercise half ball, raise your hips and balance on your forearms and feet. Try to hold the position for as long as you can and increase your time each week. Once you have finished your plank on one side, flip over and do the other side.

>>> Here Is A Video On How To Do The BOSU Side Planks <<<

5) BOSU V-Up Hold

The most challenging exercise out of these five is the BOSU V-Up Hold. It requires a lot of core strength and balance. To do the BOSU V-Up Hold, sit on the BOSU with your legs straight out, hands on the BOSU and your toes pointed up. Lean back slightly and raise your legs. When you have your balance, take your hands off the BOSU and stretch your arms out to the side. To add difficulty, clap your hands over your head and then bring them back to your side. Each week try to increase your time you can hold this exercise.

>>> Here Is A Video On How To Do The BOSU V-Up HoldĀ <<<


There are many benefits to having a strong set of core muscles. It can improve your posture, lessen your chance of getting injured, and increase your mobility. If you consistently perform the BOSU balance trainer core exercises I have listed, you will most certainly start getting the benefits. So if you find your core being a weak spot, grab a BOSU ball and start strengthening your core muscles now.

Do You Use The BOSU Balance Trainer?

Comment below how you may use the BOSU balance trainer and how it has improved your fitness and health.

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    A strong core is a basis for all other muscle groups and overall strength.

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