Benefits of Jumping Rope: Jumping Rope To Lose Weight

Benefits of Jumping Rope: Try Jumping Rope To Lose Weight

benefits of jumping rope The benefits of jumping rope and the results you can get from jumping rope to lose weight, are often overlooked.

You may still think of a jump rope as something for kids or boxers, but it actually can be a very useful tool for improving your cardio fitness and for weight loss. If you can get the technique of jumping rope down, you can easily start to shed some unwanted pounds.

Benefits Of Jumping Rope 

There are many benefits of jumping rope, here are some examples.

1- Jumping rope has many muscle groups involved which makes it a great calorie burning workout. The many muscle groups used, from your legs to your arms, make it a total body conditioning exercise.

2. It can be a great cardiovascular workout and improve your heart-rate when you consistently do the exercise.

3. It can be a great addition to any workout routine as you can jump rope for any amount of time you want and at any point of your workout.

4. You can do it almost anywhere

What You Need For Your Jump Rope Workout Routine

The first thing to create a jump rope routine will be of course, a jump rope. It doesn’t matter if you steal your kids or you get a brand new one, getting access to one is quite easy.

It is important to make sure it is in good condition and is still nice and tight. You don’t want it snapping on you as you exercise.

Adjust the handles so the rope is at the right height for you. You should be able to jump through it as it simultaneously hits the ground.

Next, always make sure you are wearing appropriate footwear as you need to avoid any issues that constant jumping may cause. This important to keep the stress off your knees, hips, and ankles. Although the jumping may be a constant, jumping rope is a good alternative to running in terms of how much stress it can have on your body. Even better, this will give your body the ability to last longer in your workout plan.

Jumping Rope To Lose Weight

It is important, when trying to lose weight with exercise, to set a reasonable goal. Setting small goals that can be reached will keep you motivated and striving for more.

For example, start out jumping rope 10 minutes a day or every other day for the first week. You can then increase the amount of time by anything you can achieve. It is important to set reasonable goals but not goals that are too easy. After you start to get really conditioned, you can start adding variations to your jump rope routine.

Jump Rope Workout Variations

Here are some different techniques you can use to keep the benefits of jumping rope still coming.

Timed Method – You can do timed intervals with a jump rope routine. You can jump rope as fast as you can for 30 seconds and then jump rope at normal speed for 2 minutes. Be creative come up with something that will really challenge you. You can also do this in sets and take a brief rest in between each set. This is a good way to keep your routine different and constantly challenging yourself which in turn will lead to better results.

Counting Method – Another way you can create a jump rope routine is by using a counting method. There are different ways this can be done, again be creative. For example, you can pick a number and use different methods to reach that number. You can count-down to that number or do sets of 10,20,30,etc,until you reach the goal number.

Final Thoughts

Just like any exercise routine, the importance of being consistent will determine your success. If you put in the time and effort, the results will follow. Do you jump rope? Have you seen any benefits of jumping rope? Are you jumping rope to lose weight and if so, what have been your results? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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