Benefits of Foam Rolling: Are You Getting The Benefits Of Foam Rolling?

The Benefits of Foam Rolling

benefits of foam rolling
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if you are looking to keep your muscles performing at their best, you can’t ignore the benefits of foam rolling. Having greater mobility in your muscles is something we all could use and self-myofascial release, which is a self massaging technique such as foam rolling, is an awesome technique that has gained in popularity in recent years mainly for the therapeutic aspect it can give you in everyday life or after a workout.

There are many therapists such as Physical Therapists and Occupational Therapists who rave about the effectiveness a foamroller has on an individual’s body. Foam rolling allows you to get a full range of motion with your muscles which can lead to better performance. What once was only used by fitness professional and therapists has now hit main stream and is used by people of all fitness levels and ages. This is great because you can get all the benefits of foam rolling right at home.

Why Our Muscles Are Tight

Our muscles are wrapped in what is called fascia, which helps them move smoothly. When we overuse or cause trauma to our muscles, the layers of fascia can get small tears in them. This can lead to the fascia not healing properly and causing an adhesion. These adhesions can cause pain or discomfort or just the feeling of being tight. The use of a self-myofascial technique can help with these adhesions. This is where foam rolling comes in.

When an individual is suffering with muscle soreness or immobility, a foam roller, can be used as therapy for soft tissue therapy.  The use of a roller can put pressure on adhesions causing them to release and have your muscles working at optimal levels again.

The technique of foam rolling can be used to work on such areas as: hamstrings, hip flexors, gastrocnemius, priformis, adductors, quadriceps, trapezius, rhomboids, latissimus dorsi and more. Foam rolling can also help with such things as headaches or stiff necks. The way a foam roller works is by placing the foam roll underneath the muscle tissue you want to work on, roll on and off the muscle while placing pressure on it, to stretch out the area.

Here Are Some Benefits Of Foam Rolling 

  • Diminishing of pain in your muscle tissues.
  •  Target specific areas with he ability to put as much pressure as you allow on the affected area.
  • Increasing blood flow to tendons, ligaments, and muscles allowing for greater mobility.
  •  A foam roller can be used on a specific area that may be feeling tight.
  • Improved flexibility
  • Muscles such as the iliotibial band or IT band, are very hard to get a real good stretch, can benefit from a foam roller.
  • When using a foam roller, you have the ability to apply as much pressure as you want at that given muscle.
  • A foam roller is perfect to hit those stubborn “knots” that we often get through everyday activities.
  • Using the roller can allow for normal blood flow which can help the muscles function better.
  • Foam rolling can also be used as a way to prepare the body for a workout.
  • You can perform foam rolling almost anywhere


There are many benefits of foam rolling as it is designed for a person to help release trigger points to allow for improved performance in fitness or sports and normal function in every day life activities.

It is always recommended to see a physician before starting any exercise routine but once cleared I am sure they will agree with the many benefits a foam roller can give.

Do you have experience with a foam roller? Have you experienced the benefits of foam rolling? Feel free to share your experience with a foam roller by leaving a comment below. Have a great day!

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Are You Getting The Benefits Of Foam Rolling?
Article Name
Are You Getting The Benefits Of Foam Rolling?
There are many benefits of foam rolling as it is designed for a person to help release trigger points to allow for improved performance
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Exercise and Nutrition Tips
Exercise and Nutrition Tips

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