Alleviate Stress: 5 Natural Ways To Combat Stress In Our Lives

5 Natural Ways To Alleviate Stress

alleviate stressIt is important, in today’s world, to find natural and healthy ways to alleviate stress. The added pressure of paying bills, work, and even the advancement in technology, makes it difficult at times to shut off our minds.

Everything is just about right at our fingertips. You turn on your smartphone or laptop and the whole world is there for you. You have the ability to find whatever you need or contact anyone around the world at anytime.

The increase in doctor’s visits for some type of stress-related problem has increased over the last ten years. Living a high-stressed lifestyle can lead to major psychological, emotional, and physical problems. Medical experts have determined a high stress life as chronic stress syndrome.

The symptoms can include the following:

  • Arthritis
  • Tension headaches
  • Sleep disorders
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • High blood pressure
  • Auto immune disease
  • Digestive problems
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease

Truth is, we all suffer from one or more of these symptoms. Since it doesn’t look like our lives will be less stressful any time soon, it is important to find natural ways to alleviate stress. Here are 5 natural ways to alleviate stress:

1. Eating Healthier

Eating healthy foods that are high fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B-12, calcium, and magnesium is a healthy way to battle stress. These foods will help uplift your mood, boost your brain power, and protect your heart. It is also important to avoid too much alcohol caffeine, and avoid foods rich in processed sugars and fats. Too much of these will increase inflammation, anxiety,and fatigue.

2. Start To Exercise

Getting into a regular exercise routine is a great way to alleviate stress. Exercise helps your body release endorphins, which are the feel-good hormones in the brain which lift your mood. Exercise will boost your metabolism and blood sugar levels, helping you to burn more calories and eat less at the same time.

Exercise also will help improve your quality of sleep, so you will waking energized and ready to take on your day.Exercising outdoors can help alleviate stress even more. Studies have shown that getting direct sunshine can also help in the release of feel good endorphins. Add in the soothing effects that nature has to offer and your mood is sure to soar. This can also squash the levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

3. Meditation

Meditation can help calm the nerves as it is a practice that has been used for centuries. The great thing about meditation is that it can be done anytime and just about anywhere. Pick a quiet spot in your home, get comfortable and focus on your breathing for 5 – 10 minutes. To enhance your meditation experience, you can listen to some soft music, nature sounds, or light up some scented candles.

4. Increase Your Social Activity

Spend time with family and friends can help alleviate stress because it is always nice to be around people that love and care about you. That sense of belonging can give a relief of tension and help increase your self confidence. Volunteering is also another great way to alleviate stress. When you become a part of something that is bigger than yourself, it can change your perspective of things.

5. Do Something You Enjoy

Taking part in doing something you enjoy can get you away from the distraction of such things as social media and the stresses work may bring. Finding a hobby or doing an activity that you enjoy can unplug you from all that is not so enjoyable in your life. Its a great way to boost your self confidence and bring some enjoyment into your life. Whatever it may be, reading, making something, painting, or just going for a walk, take some time to do it.

Final Thoughts

Stress is always going to be a part of our lives, if left unmanaged, it can create some serious problems. Luckily, all it may take is a few lifestyle changes, you can alleviate stress and lead a happy, well-balanced life.

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Alleviate Stress: 5 Natural Ways To Combat Stress In Our Lives
Article Name
Alleviate Stress: 5 Natural Ways To Combat Stress In Our Lives
It is important, in today's fast paced world, to find natural and healthy ways to alleviate stress and start to live a happier, healthier, life.
Exercise and Nutrition Tips
Exercise and Nutrition Tips
Exercise and Nutrition Tips

2 Replies to “Alleviate Stress: 5 Natural Ways To Combat Stress In Our Lives

  1. Hey Mike,
    Thanks for sharing!

    #5 is so simple and effective, yet often overlooked! Whenever I find myself stressed out, I just spend some time enjoying my hobbies such as basketball. Works wonders to relax and cheer you up.

    Besides meditation, other spiritual practices such as prayer and practicing gratitude can also be extremely helpful.

    Thanks again and keep up the great work!

  2. Such great tips! I read online that stress can cause your body to overproduce white blood cells which can do a lot of damage at high levels. It can cause problems like autoimmune disorders (like you said). Can you imagine that? Stress is crazy!
    xoxo Ros (

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