Aching Joints? Tips That Can Help You With Your Joint Pain

Do You Have Aching Joints?

aching jointsHaving aching joints is something that almost everyone will encounter at some point in their lifetime. We have now learned that there are steps you can take for joint pain relief. Whether it be from weightlifting, aerobic classes, repetitive work, or just everyday overuse, joint pain can effect your life in many ways. Additionally, aching joints can lead to osteoarthritis and possibly rheumatoid arthritis.

Learning how to control and manage joint pain can help raise your quality of life. Below are some methods that joint pain sufferers can try. Remember, this post is for informational purposes only,  a physician should always be consulted if you have questions about your aching joints.

Let’s first take a look at the types and most common types of joint pain:

Types of Joint Pain

Bursitus – Inflammation or injury to the fluid sack located in the joint
Tendonitis – Tendons around the joint become inflamed from micro injury, overuse, etc.
Arthritis – Deterioration of the cartilage at the ends of bone causing a wearing away of the joint.

Joint Pain Prevention

Hot and Cold Therapy

There are certain situations that heat or cold therapy may help relieve some joint pain but this should be decided by a doctor or physical therapist. If it is determined that using heat/cold therapy is appropriate for your aching joints, then it must be determined which temperature treatment should be used. Relief can come from such things as moist heat from a shower or bath, or dry heat from a heating pad. A bag of frozen vegetables wrapped in a towel or an ice pack can relieve pain and reduce any swelling. People who have poor circulation should not use cold packs.

Protect the Joints

If the stress of being overused in everyday activities such as work are the problem for your aching joints, a brace or splint can be used to take away from the joint being used. Many employers are equipped for these type of problems and can supply it to the employee but if not. a physician or therapist can supply the best one to use.


Massage can provide a temporary relief to aching joints but doesn’t treat the root of the problem. A massage therapist can help improve blood flow to the area which can lead to a lessening of the joint pain. It is very important to remember that arthritic joints are almost always very sensitive so a therapist that is familiar with these types of pain would be the best choice.


Exercise can play a major role in preventing joint pain but can also be a major cause of it. Doing low impact exercises such as swimming, walking, range-of-motion exercises, stretching, and proper warm up, are all things that can help joint mobility.

Stretching is something people mainly focus on when they walk into the gym or start an exercise routine but getting the blood flowing is what you should be doing first. A light cardio movement will ensure the blood is going to all the muscles and prepare you for your workout. Stretching is best performed after the warm-up or at the end of your workout.

Doing exercises without proper form can be very hard on your joints. Combine this with a constant of heavy lifting and you have a recipe to damage your joints.

A personal trainer or physical therapist can plan an exercise program that will give you the most benefit without causing damage to your joints.


The supplement world has changed in the last several years with more and more supplements being introduced to the market for all types of ailments. Making sure you get your Omega-3’s may help with inflammation. A new supplement that is all the rave in the bodybuilding world because of the promising feedback it has gotten is SNS Joint Support XT.

Weight Loss

The benefits to our health that results from being at a healthy weight are well known. This is also true for playing a part in keeping your joints healthy by keeping the stress off them. Research shows that women who lost 10 lbs reduced the chances of developing osteoarthritis in the knees. Also, these studies show that if osteoarthritis is already affecting one joint such as the hip or knee, losing weight can reduce the chance of it happening in the other hip or knee. A personal trainer or physical therapist can put you in the right direction to lose the necessary weight.

Final Thoughts

Joint pain can be painful and can stop or slow you down in many parts of your life. Whether it is weight training or everyday life, aching joints may also be a part of it. There are ways to combat this such as warming up properly, correct form on exercises, and supplementation.

Always consult your physician for the best options if you are uncertain.

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Aching Joints? Tips That Can Help You With Your Joint Pain
Article Name
Aching Joints? Tips That Can Help You With Your Joint Pain
Aching joints is something that almost everyone will encounter at some point in their lifetime but there are steps you can take for joint pain relief.
Exercise and Nutrition Tips
Exercise and Nutrition Tips
Exercise and Nutrition Tips

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  1. Many different conditions can lead to painful joints, including osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, bursitis, gout, strains, sprains, and other injuries. Joint pain is extremely common. In one national survey, about one-third of adults reported having joint pain within the past 30 days.

  2. Cabbage leaves have powerful anti-inflammatory properties, one of the best remedy in the treatment of arthritis.

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