5 Cardio Bodyweight Exercises You Should Do

5 Great Cardio Bodyweight Exercises

cardio bodyweight exercisesWhen it comes to better health, it is extremely important to perform cardiovascular fitness and in this post I will show you five cardio bodyweight exercises that can be very effective.

Improved cardio fitness can lead to health benefits like a lower risk of getting many health disorders, improvement in endurance and your energy levels, the strengthening of your heart and lungs and plenty more. These five great cardio bodyweight exercises below can be performed anywhere and at anytime for better cardiovascular fitness.

1- Burpees

The burpee is the king of cardio bodyweight exercises as it can have you burning a lot of calories while using many different muscle groups. To do the burpee, follow these instructions:

With your knees bent, put your hands on the ground about shoulder width apart.

Slowly bend your arms as you kick your legs out behind you, stopping when your nose comes close to the ground.

Straighten your arms slowly, bring your knees back in, jump as you stand up.

After you land, repeat the steps again as many times as you can.

The video above demonstrates on how to do a burpee.

2 – Jumping Jacks

The jumping jack, which we learned how to do as kids, is actually a great way to burn some calories. This often forgotten exercise involves many muscle groups along with elevating your heart rate. To do the jumping jack just follow these instructions:

With your hands by your side and feet together, stand up straight.

Jump up in the air, lift your hands over your head, and kick your feet out to the side.

Jump in the air again while bringing your feet together and lowering hands back to your side again.

Repeat these steps as many times as you can.

3 – High Knees

High knees are a great bodyweight cardio exercise that is simple to do but yet challenging. To do the high knees just follow these instructions:

Bring up your right knee about hip height while standing up and raise your left arm up around shoulder height. Lower left arm and right foot back down.

Do the same with your right arm and left knee.

Lower your left foot and right arm back down.

Repeat these steps as many times you can.

Here Is A Video Demonstration Of High Knees

4 – The Mountain Climber

The mountain climber is one of my favorite cardio bodyweight exercises that can have you burning many calories. To do the mountain climber exercise, follow these instructions:

With your hands on the ground about shoulder width apart, bend your knees.

Bring your left leg up and straighten your right leg out behind you.

Switch your leg positions by jumping with both feet off the ground leaving your left leg now out behind you and your right leg being bent.

Jump again and switch thew positions of your legs again.

Perform these steps for as many repetitions as you can do.

Here Is A Video Demonstration Of The Mountain Climber Exercise:

5 – Step Up

The step up is another cardio exercise using your bodyweight that works off many calories and really gets the heart pumping. This exercise can be performed with anything that is strong enough to step onto, whether it be a set of stairs, an aerobic step, or any other sturdy object. To do the step up, follow these instructions:

Stand in front of the object that you are going to be stepping on.

Alternate stepping up with your right foot and then your left foot.

Step off with your right foot and then step off with your left foot.

Perform these steps as many times as you can.

Here Is A Video Demonstration Of The Step Up


Cardio bodyweight exercises can be a versatile, fun way to enhance your cardiovascular fitness and burn calories. Add these exercises in a couple times a week and you will find an improvement to you cardiovascular fitness along with the many health benefits that having better cardiovascular fitness can have on your everyday life.

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